DesignerSpeak: Don’t Make These 5 Flooring Mistakes

Last updated on August 5th, 2022

Interior design is fascinating, with more and more people being drawn to it each year. Perhaps you, too, are intrigued by it and like to dabble in some DIY home renovation projects from time to time. But one aspect of interior design is ignored by many: flooring. It is an extremely vital part of home decor as a well-designed floor with the right color combinations can really tie a room together.

If you are looking to redo the flooring in your living space, you must be aware of a few pitfalls to get the best results. So here are five flooring-related mistakes that expert interior designers warn against.

1. Blindly Following The Gray Flooring Trend

Gray flooring is a major interior design trend, wherein wooden flooring, made of hardwood or timber, is given a grayish tinge to make it look more sophisticated and modern. In addition to aesthetic benefits, gray flooring also limits the amount of visible dirt, thereby adding practical value. However, this trend might not work for every type of wooden floor, making it look cold and drab. If possible, try to keep the natural sheen of your floor instead of going for gray flooring, which is time-intensive and expensive. But if you are determined to go for gray flooring, opt for a ready-made wooden material that already exhibits the desired hue.

2. Not Taking Functioning Into Consideration

In essence, the floor is the main support structure of your room and, thus, is mainly a functional element. Ignoring this practical aspect is a major mistake made by many inexperienced decorators. For example, if a room has high foot traffic, opting for materials like plush, intricately-woven rugs and carpets is probably a bad idea as they will get stained and dirty in a heartbeat. It would be more prudent to opt for rubber or jute-based material.

3. Using The Wrong Color

Just like the point above, you must also choose the flooring color according to function. It is far too common for homeowners to opt for lighter, neutral hues for their flooring, only to regret their decision later. Hence, always be aware of the purpose of your flooring before choosing a color scheme. If it is prone to get dirty and stained, choose a darker hue like navy blue to conceal these imperfections. However, it is ultimately a personal decision. If you can maintain pristine white flooring with a regular cleaning regime, then, by all means, go for it.

4. Flooring Not Complementing The Space

Remember, the floor is a vital aspect of a room, but not the only aspect. So keep the furniture, lighting, windows, and other decorative pieces of the room in mind before choosing new flooring. Make sure that the color scheme, design, and material complement the elements mentioned above to create a visually appealing space. For example, if you want to skip neutral colors and go for something bolder, try to match the flooring with your existing decor for the best results.

5. Not Planning Long-Term

Redoing your floors is a massive and expensive undertaking. If you are spending a fortune, ensure that it lasts for many years before you make any other major changes. Think long-term and opt for colors, trends, and materials that can stand the test of time. Also, consider future additions or subtractions from the room, like furniture and major appliances. These may leave a stain on the floor if they remain in the same position for too long.

To sum it up, steer clear of these five common mistakes when redoing your floors. Even if you don’t have extensive experience with home improvement projects, avoiding these errors will help you pull off the right look.

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