Ugly Nail-Holes And Cracks On Walls? Hide Them Away Like This!

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

Peeling paint or holes from old nails draw enough attention to easily destroy the décor of any space. And while having your interiors painted might not be on the cards soon enough, you definitely can use some quick fixes that don’t just hide them well out of sight but also serve to enhance your décor.

So read on, and prepare to have your creative juices brimming over as we present to you a few fabulous fixes to mask these unsightly flaws on your walls, with very little effort.

Hide it under framed art

Just get hold of a few minimalist paintings in sleek frames and get to work. Hang them in a fashion that they look nicely placed on the wall and also cover the flaws on the wall.

An odd reason to get artsy with your décor indeed, but do use this opportunity to put your personality out on display. Hang only what you truly love!

Wallpaper that wall alone

What better than a nice, colorful wallpaper to not just remove flaws from your walls but to transform them into something truly stunning! But you don’t have to go on an extensive wallpapering project. Just wallpaper the wall that needs attention. Use subtle hues if your décor is already colorful, and create a stunning contrast with bold hues if your décor borders on the neutral.

Hang a Dream-catcher

Dream-catchers, especially large ones in solid colors can create quite a stir with their beautiful presence. Hide those imperfections with a nice, big dream-catcher and prepare to be awed at the personality it adds to your space.

Make clever use of wall decals

Wall decals, especially ones that aren’t run-of-the-mill, if cleverly used, can make quite a statement on a wall. And keep all the problems in your wall, well hidden. Choose one that’s as witty as you are and watch as people look and do a double-take.

Hang Statement Tapestry

Does a large portion of the wall show signs of disrepair? Pictures and Dream-catchers might then not be able to help much. Think bigger, think Mandala and other bold tapestries to cover the wall and give your wall a boho-chic appeal.