10 Latest Carpet Trends You Must Try

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

It isn’t always furniture that acts as a focal point in a space. Sometimes, the humble carpet sitting on the floor can make quite a statement all by itself.

Forming quite an overlooked décor element, carpets and rugs in animal prints in unexpected colors, or those in eye-popping floral designs are transforming spaces as we speak.
Let’s look at 10 latest trends around this much-undermined décor element and see if we can steal an idea or two and bring home a stunning design element that we never gave much thought to before!

1. Inky Blues

Courtesy: ethanallen.ca

Rugs and carpets in stunning deep indigo are suddenly everywhere, creating a beautiful yet subtle style statement. Just add a few accents in the same color to tie the décor together, and you’ve got yourself an effortlessly stylish space, oozing elegance.

2. Outdoor Carpeting Inside

Courtesy: ethanallen.ca

Stylish outdoor carpets, that are super easy to spot clean and feel quite soft underfoot, despite being hardier than their indoor counterparts, are finding their way inside many living rooms and entryways.

3. Geometric Patterns

Courtesy: coolhousez.net

Carpets that look like floor tiles in bold geometric patterns are complementing otherwise neutral interiors in many homes this season. A trend worth following, don’t you think?

4. Antelope Prints

Courtesy: dossinsurance

Antelope prints in different colors are quite a hot trend in carpets right now, with grey being a popular modern take on it.

5. Bold Floral Patterns

Courtesy: touchofclass

It takes some amount of risk-taking to try something new and bold, and this is exactly what many homeowners are trying with their rugs in bold floral prints. It’s important to remember though, to keep the other prints in the setting small and subdued.

6. Lively Staircases

Courtesy: pinterest

Bold staircases are quite in vogue these days with carpets lending them pops of colors and interesting designs.

7. Going Green With Sisal Rugs

Courtesy: xplrvr

Sisal rugs are a green carpet option made entirely of natural materials and are gaining popularity as the demand for greener flooring options is growing. These carpets have a rope-like structure and can feel a little scratchy to sensitive feet.

8. Animal Prints

Courtesy: pinterest

Animal prints happen to be a huge trend at the moment, like the zebra print forming the focal point in this living room.

9. Moroccan Madness

Courtesy: marhabasouk

Moroccan rugs lend warmth and coziness to a room. This is why they are extremely popular in bedrooms, where layering them also creates depth.

10. Bold Statement Colors

Courtesy: indiacircus

Bold colors have made a big comeback in rugs this year. In a neutral setting, the colors of the rug not only tie the accents together but also create a stunning focal point in the room.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips as much as we did, curating them for you.

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Happy decorating folks!