12 Ways To Breathe Life Into A Blank Wall

Do you have a blank wall in your home that you’ve been wondering what to do with? Well, the artwork isn’t the only way to dress it up.

Read on to discover a lot of other ways to do it with!

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1. Use A Bright Wall-Hanging

An eye-catching wall hanging can sometimes add all the drama that you need to liven up a blank wall.  Opt for one with colors contrasting the wall color.

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2. Make A Wall of Mirrors

A wall full of differently shaped mirrors doesn’t just perk up your wall but also gives the room a sense of depth. Choose the mirrors in the same color for an interesting look.

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3. Paint It In a Bold Color

A quick way to perk up a dull and boring wall is to paint it in a bold color. Yes. It is as simple as that.

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4. Split A Photo

Want to learn an off-beat way to hang a picture on a wall? Try splitting it into three or four, either horizontally or vertically, and get each part framed separately before hanging them all together!

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5. Make It A Gallery Wall

Get differently sized artwork and put it on display and transform your blank wall into a gallery wall. Throw in a musical instrument or something quirky in the middle and have people admiring your not-so-blank wall no end.

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6. Use Pretty Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures, and pretty ones at that, are a great way to enliven a blank wall. Get a pair of sconces focusing light on a quaint couch and your blank wall is blank no more.

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7. Cover The Wall In A Quirky Wallpaper

Get your blank wall covered in a quirky wallpaper and turn it from a dull wall to a stunning head-turner.

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8. Make A Washi Tape Pattern

This is especially useful if you’re renting and can’t drill too many holes to hang artwork. Just get plenty of washi tape in your favorite colors and create patterns on the wall. Change the pattern the moment you start feeling bored with it!

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9. Hang Framed Maps

Get maps of your home town printed in large size, have them framed and hang them up together, to make an instant geographical statement!

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10. Set Up A Quirky Bookshelf

Install a quirky bookshelf on your blank wall and make it a nice little library that doesn’t just house your books, but also becomes an instant conversation starter!

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11. Use A Photo Collage Wallpaper

Bring out old family photos and get them made into a collage wallpaper. What better way to dress up a wall than beautiful memories!

Courtesy: www.ultimatehomeideas.com

12. Hang Empty Frames

Get a few differently shaped empty frames and hang them at varying heights and watch as your dull wall gets transformed into a work of art!