4 Changes That’ll Make Your Small Bathroom Spa-Like!

Last updated on October 8th, 2021

Having a spa-like bathroom is on everyone’s wish list. But we all dismiss it as one of those wildly impractical dreams. Don’t we?

We are here to tell you that you don’t have to! Creating a spa-like bathroom doesn’t have to involve state-of-the-art bathtubs, Jacuzzis and fittings. It just needs making small, but carefully thought-out and aesthetically pleasing (and not-so-expensive) changes to your existing bathroom space.

In this quick read, we tell you how to identify the elements you love in a spa, and add those touches to your bathroom – all without much of an expense. It’s doable. Here’s how!

1. Ceramic Dispensers, Towels and Scented Candles

The first thing that we notice in spas – their stunning arrangement of ceramic dispensers, scented candles, towels and the like. These things give the mind a perception of relaxation and luxury.
Try recreating the same image in your bathroom. Just use pretty, ceramic dispensers for the soaps, shampoos and body washes you use and display them off shelves and counters prominently. You’ll find that the very same things that have always existed in your bathroom, now also add to its aesthetic appeal.

2. A Dash Of Green

You’ll be hard pressed to find a spa that doesn’t have some green element on display and prominently so. Adding a little bit of green to your bathroom won’t just help give it a spa-like appeal, but also help soothe your eyes and keep the air in the bathroom fresh. Consider keeping potted plants (that don’t need too much sun) around the washbasin area and see the space transforming in front of your eyes!

3. A Glass Partition

Partitions are a great way to create cozy corners in a space. And that’s exactly what spas do!
Use a glass partition in your bathroom not just to elegantly segregate areas based on the activity they are used for, but also as a stunning way to keep parts of the bathroom dry.

4. A Change Of Lighting

Have you ever had a great spa experience under bright lights? No, right? A big part of the ambience in a spa is the ambient lighting they use.
While bright lights work well for task lighting, mood lighting always involves ambient and warm lights. Don’t make your bathroom harsh with lights that do the job, but also kill the ambience. Consider tinted glass lanterns and mild profile and accent lights to create a relaxing space that you can unwind in. And the huge change that this will bring about, will be totally worth it.