5 More Ways To Make The Most Of A Sunny Window

Last updated on December 30th, 2021


Blessed are those homes in today’s urban dwelling landscape that have a window with sunlight filtering in throughout the day. If you are one of those blessed home-dwellers and are seeking some design inspiration to make the most of your sunny window, look no more!

Here are 5 fabulous ideas that can help you decide. And if you haven’t been able to catch the last article in this series, you can find it here.

6. If the light is harsh, soften it


There’s only one thing that’s possibly wrong with having a sunny window. It just might be too sunny! Having to shade your eyes whenever you’re doing anything near it, isn’t a great feeling. But you can tone down this harsh sunlight with gauzy curtains, preferably in white or a neutral shade, and make your sunny window look uber-luxurious and be uber-comfortable.

7. Make it a terrarium display


If you’re into terrariums and like to grow your pretty succulents in glass orbs, take it to the next level by dangling your creations off your sunny window. There’s no better place for your succulents to thrive than a window with sunlight flooding in!

8. Let your cats have a sunny perch


If you happen to be a cat-parent, then you must know how much your feline babies like basking in the sun. How about doing them a huge favor and turning your sunniest balconies into fun cat perches? You can buy cat perches online or create them yourself with baskets and brackets to give them a plush sun-bed with a view!

9. Turn it into a bookshelf


If you have a huge collection of books and are looking for the perfect place to display them in, think no further. There’s no better place than your sunny window – it doesn’t just make a cozy reading spot, but now you won’t have to go far looking for your favorite reads. Whoever said wearing your love for books on your sleeve can’t be fun!

10. Grow your own herbs


If have a sunny window and a green thumb, you can grow your own herb garden. Choose a few herbs that are easy to grow and a few pretty pots to grow them in, and in a few months, you can say goodbye to going to the store for a few sprigs of herbs and letting the rest rot in your refrigerator. There’s no better feeling than seasoning your cooking with uber-fresh, flavorful herbs, picked right off your own herb garden!

May you have fun doing up that window!