9 Instagram-Worthy Window Decor Ideas

Last updated on April 12th, 2022

Windows fill our homes and lives with light, beauty, and warmth. The joy of waking up to a sight of a beautiful garden, mesmerizing mountains, or the rejuvenating ocean is unmatchable. Even if you have a compact room, windows can make it feel less confined.

But unfortunately, windows are one of the most overlooked sections of a house. We all get so engrossed in the interior décor process that we somehow forget the importance of window décor. Today, let us talk about 9 stunning window décor ideas that will make them absolute showstoppers in your home!

 Stained Glass 

Do you love patterns? If yes, you just got an astounding window décor idea here – colorful stained glass windows! Windows provide you ample space to mix and match different patterns and colors and these dolled-up windows will then lend a dreamy look to the space and make for an eye-catching selfie point as well. 


Interior designers love the idea of keeping potted plants near windows. This doesn’t just help them stay greener and healthier but also adds warmth to the room. You can experiment with different shapes and sizes of pots here. Just ensure everything, when put together, looks good.

Eye-Catching Stickers

Breathe life into your dull and gloomy windows with some classy and cute stickers. Stick them on the glass, and wake up to the beautiful illusion of birds chirping or flowers blooming in your window. The best part is, that these stickers look wonderful from both sides and can be removed or replaced once you’re tired of them!

Elegant Lace Window Screens

Do you have huge windows in your room that throw natural sunlight for a major part of the day? If yes, this can be a brilliant window décor idea for you. Get some elegant lace window screens and place them on your windows. The intricate shadows will lend quite a bohemian and artistic touch to your interiors.  

Crepe Paper Décor

Do you have kids at home? Or do you like to change up your interiors now and then? Crepe paper décor works wonders in both cases. Making crepe paper garlands and props is super easy and creative. Moreover, they are easy to paste or hang on glass windows and look amazing from both inside and outside. Hanging umbrellas, butterflies, and colorful hearts are some of the ideas you can try.

Window-sill Succulent Garden

Succulents are low-maintenance home plants that need direct sunlight and very less water. You can go for aloes, echeverias, and agaves for smaller windows. Please note that succulents lean towards sunlight. So make sure you keep rotating them to help them stand straight.

Melodious Wind Chimes

Let the calming and melodious sound of wind chimes wake you up every morning. Wind chimes make up for one of the best window décor items. The best part is, that you get to choose from versatile options like wooden chimes, shell chimes, and metal or glass chimes.

Pressed Plant Frames

This is a brilliant and unique window décor idea that will surely impress your visitors. Homeowners who are too busy to take care of their green babies can opt for placing pressed plant frames on their windows. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer a luxurious touch to the interiors.    

Gorgeous Window Blinds

Add a tactile appeal to your house this season with smart window blinds. We recommend you ditch the regular stuff and opt for something minimal like seagrass blinds to create a beachy or boho look. You can contrast the composition with a statement wall, abstract painting, and some greenery.

And that’s a wrap!

So, these were the top nine out-of-the-box and trendy Insta-worthy ideas to decorate your plain windows. Apart from these, you can also go for drapes, full curtains, or café curtains to add drama to the space. Whichever idea you pick, just ensure it complements your existing interiors.

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