5 Window Treatments To Beautify Your Windows With

Windows are incomplete without the right window treatments. Window treatments don’t just make windows look good, but also provide privacy and help adjust the lighting in an area. They also aid in maintaining a steady temperature in the room they’re used in.

Let’s take a close look at 5 basic window treatments to help you decide which one is best suited for your home.

1. Curtains

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Curtains are the most common and popular type of window treatment used in homes. They aren’t just used in the living room, but also adorn the windows of the bedroom. They are available in different fabrics, colors and patterns, which makes them a good way to lend color and style to a room.

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2. Drapes

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Drapes happen to be more formal than curtains, are made of heavier fabrics and are usually lined and pleated. They are hung on a rod with a string or rod pull so that they can be opened and closed easily. Drapes being more formal are used in the living room, dining room and the master bedroom.

3. Sheers

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Sheers are lightweight and mostly translucent curtains made from sheer fabrics. They don’t provide privacy and aren’t good at blocking light, which is why they are used along with thicker curtains to add an elegant charm to a window. They are mostly used in the living room or the dining room and aren’t a great choice for bedrooms.

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4. Blinds

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Blinds are a modern form of window treatment made from wood, metal or vinyl. They are great for use in bedrooms as they block out light and provide privacy. Blinds have slats or louvers that open and close using cords that run along their length. For smaller windows horizontal blinds are used, and for larger windows and those with sliding glass doors, vertical blinds are preferred.

5. Valences

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Valences are mostly a layer of pleated fabric draped over the top of a window frame. They are used along with other window treatments like drapes, curtains or blinds to hide the mounting hardware. They give the windows a formal look and are most commonly used in the dining room and the living room. They come in many styles including pleated, gathered, arched, straight and shaped varieties.

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