Is Your Furniture Placed As Per Vastu? Let’s Find Out!

Last updated on July 4th, 2022

Given a choice, who in their right mind, wouldn’t want to live in a home that hums with good vibes and positivity. And if you are to believe in the age-old science of Vastu, living in a Vastu-complaint home, ensures that to a great extent. Vastu experts also believe that apart from making sure your home is designed as per Vastu, the furniture you keep in it and its alignment also impacts the flow of energy and positivity in your abode.

If we’ve managed to pique your interest, read on to discover Vastu tips to organize furniture in the various rooms in your house so that you can ensure it brims with abundant positivity!

Vastu for your Living room furniture 

Your couch and coffee table belong in the West or South-west direction of your living room. Mirrors in your living room are best placed on a wall along the North. And if your dining space is in the East or South-east, you’ve got it spot on Vastu-wise!

If your electronics have been giving you constant trouble, you probably have them against the wrong wall! Try limiting them to the South-east or the North-east part of the room.

Vastu for your Bedroom furniture

Experts suggest that appliances like the TV have no place in your bedroom, and even if you must, restrict them to the South-west corner of the bedroom. The bed also needs to be in the South-west part of the room. Your wardrobes and other storage furniture need to be either in the South, West, South-west or North-west, to allow for harmony and positivity in the space. Think you got it right in your bedroom?

You can find more Vastu tips for your bedroom at: Vastu for the Master Bedroom.

Vastu for Kitchen furniture

As per the science of Vastu-shastra, the refrigerator should be kept in the South-west part of the kitchen, and at least a foot away from any corner. The best place for all storage is along the walls in the South or the West and to be harmonious, the electrical appliances need to be sitting in the South-east direction.

So, how does your kitchen rate, Vastu-wise?

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Vastu for your Puja Room furniture

Let your Puja space use the energy from the Sun, and reserve a place for it in the East, North or North-east of your home. Make sure all the storage space you create for books, lamps, and Puja-items, faces the South-east direction and is always below the level at which you place the idols of the deities. And last, but not least, keep the idols a few inches away from the walls and floors allowing for a free flow of air and fragrance from the incense sticks, around them.  

Vastu for your Balcony furniture

As per Vastu experts different zones in the balcony are best for different things. The South-west corner, for instance, is best reserved for chairs, tables, and other heavy furniture pieces. If you’re planning to hang a swing-chair, choose the North or South if you can. And be sure to attract tons of positive vibes into your private haven, by placing plenty of potted plants in the South, West, or South-west direction.