Know What’s Hot Before You Decorate Your Home!

Last updated on January 25th, 2021

If you seem to be gripped by the festive spirit of new beginnings, and not sure what colors to stick to when doing up your interiors, here’s a low down on what’s hot. Not just in this season, but a few colors that find their way into the lists of the trending colors year after year.  You can’t go wrong with these!

To make this easy, we bring you the 5 hottest color trends!

1. Rose Gold

Rose gold is à la mode right now! Created by combining gold and copper, rose gold strikes the perfect balance of feminineness and opulence, making it a bewitching combination! The color goes well with copper and graded pinks. You can use it in accessories, wall colors and even your furniture.

2. Ruby Red

Striking, powerful, and all-encompassing, ruby red puts forth a solid expression in a room. Regardless of whether you are considering decorating with red or making it the fundamental component of your home decor, it is a shade that can’t be disregarded. Just make sure you balance it with neutrals to keep it from becoming overpowering.

3. Chrome

If you are a sucker for minimalist décor, then chrome is custom-made for you! Combine chrome with shades of grey and black to make a serious impression. You can also sprinkle pops of a bright color to bring in some drama.

4. Gold

From Eye shadow to décor elements, gold is all the rage this year, and for all the right reasons. And to be honest, when has it not been? Think of mixing gold with neutrals like beige to strike the right balance.

5. Blue Lagoon

With the hectic lifestyle, it’s no surprise that you may find yourself low in energy every now and then! How about seeking refuge in blue and turning your space into a therapeutic sanctuary!