7 Ways To Embrace Mid-Century Modern Design In Your Kitchen Design

Last updated on June 6th, 2022

Do you wonder what mid-century modern style really is? Well, it’s a design style that evolved in the middle of the 20th century, and 70 years later, the world is still obsessed with it. It features clean lines, muted colors, and timeless and soothing material palettes while prioritizing functionality. If you’re looking for a stylish, functional kitchen, this is the style you should go for!

If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen interiors, you should go the mid-century modern route. It includes indoor and outdoor elements, impressive artwork, wooden finishes, stylish hardware, and is more ideal for kitchen interiors.

Here are 7 ways to embrace mid-century modern design in your kitchen interiors:

1. Contrasting color palettes

Visually vibrant because of its color palette, this is the perfect modern aesthetic! You can go for contrasting classic colors such as white, greys, browns, and more. Ensure that one of the hues is a muted bright shade such as white, beige, cream, light yellow, baby blue, etc. Then, choose a mellow, darker tone of brown, grey, olive green, navy blue, or ash black to balance it out. This will add to the elements of mid-century designs in the kitchen, creating visual interest.

2. Timeless tile patterns

Get quirky with your kitchen design with fun and timeless tile patterns. Tiles are commonly used as a backsplash above the kitchen counter as they are easy to clean and maintain. You no longer have to stick to the plain old designs. You can add a mid-century modern element by elevating your kitchen interiors using creative tile patterns. A repetitive honeycomb, chevron, chequered, or gingham pattern will give your modern kitchen a retro look, making it look more mid-century modern!

3. Modern hardware

Clean, sharp lines and shapes will make your kitchen feel mid-century modern. While most kitchen elements like cabinets, counters, and appliances are rectangular or boxy, modern hardware can balance it out. Try this style using door handles, knobs, faucets, switchboards, and light fixtures. Install unique brass handles on cabinets or add an industrial black faucet in the sink to show off this mid-century modern element.

4. Appealing artwork

A fun way to make your kitchen more than just a functional space is to add appealing artwork on the walls. Make a gallery wall above a kitchen cabinet, or add visually interesting paintings behind your dining table. Many artists and graphic designers have contributed to the mid-century modern movement. By adding some of their pieces to the kitchen design, you can more fashionably recreate this style in your kitchen!

5. Wooden finishes

When browsing mid-century modern interior design ideas, you’ll see a lot of wood used in each design. Wooden textures and surfaces age well and elevate the look of a space. If you use them as a contrasting material for a white kitchen-counter marble or a black kitchen island, wood will stand out because of its texture and grain. Use wood for paneling or your kitchen cabinet doors. Another way to use wood is to add wooden chairs, a breakfast bar, or a dining table.

6. Luxurious lighting

Lighting sets the mood in any space instantly. It’s not just the actual light illuminating the room that makes this difference but also the light fixture used. Suspended brass light fixtures, floor lamps, track lights, and industrial-looking chandeliers are typical examples of mid-century modern light fixtures that will make your kitchen look luxurious.

7. Incorporating nature

Nature automatically makes any space look appealing. Add natural elements such as plants, shrubs, or a terrarium to add more life to your kitchen. Adding pots of fresh herbs on the kitchen window sill, placing flower arrangements on the dining table, and displaying fruits and veggies on the kitchen counter are some easy and interesting ways to do this.

Mid-century modern design is a workable interior design style that can fulfill your kitchen needs while letting you get creative with your space. Use these 7 tips to take your kitchen interiors to the next level!

Happy decorating, everyone!