8 Statement Light Ideas To Transform Your Home!

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021

When done right, lighting can set the mood of a room. From the living room to kitchen and bedroom - each room has its own purpose and functionality. And using a statement light fitting can transform your entire room, giving it a whole new perspective.

So, to help you out, we have presented here the top 9 statement light fitting ideas that are eye-catching, contemporary, and are sure to become major conversation starters in your home!

1. Chandeliers

Nothing speaks of class and elegance than an exquisite chandelier. A chandelier can draw the eye, fill in as a statement piece, and set the mood for your entryway, hall, bedroom, or lounge area. These days, you get chandeliers in various styles, shapes, and designs. So just go ahead and take your pick!

2. Pendant lights

Pendants are smaller as compared to a chandelier. These small hanging light fixtures hang closer to your eye level and are suitable for any room. Hung separately, they are ideal for small spaces or areas that need lighting, for example, over a kitchen island. If you hang them in a cluster, pendants can give a room a whole new perspective.

3. Ceiling-mount light fixtures

If you are looking to make a subtle statement with light, then try a ceiling-mount light fixture.
Ceiling mount fixtures come in various designs to fit all decor styles and rooms and make more of a stunning impact than recessed lighting.

4. Wall sconces

All rooms require task lighting. Think past standard task lighting like track and spotlights and look for wall sconces that infuse functionality with design. Sconces, additionally, offer a more beautiful approach to light up a hallway than overhead lighting.

5. Table and floor lamps

Table and floor lamps are well-known design elements that can spruce up any room. On a table or on the floor, they embellish spaces with their fascinating shapes and hues.

6. Recessed lighting

The wide array of lighting solutions offers numerous design alternatives. However, in some cases toning it down is best. Lighting that doesn’t make a statement and stays subtle can be a decor decision as well.

7. Lighting for traditional style decor

If your home boasts of a traditional style, search for light fixtures with more ornamentation and intricacy in their design. Materials like metal, crystal with bronzed or brushed ornamental finishes, for example also add a traditional look to light fixtures.

8. Present-day light fixtures

To help your light fixtures blend in with a modern style decor, pick ones with clean-lined shapes and restricted detail. Search for fixtures made of steel, chrome, and glass to make a statement.

May your homes be truly LIT!