How To Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

Last updated on May 27th, 2020

Having friends and family over for a couple of days is always fun! However, being a good host is not just limited to spending quality time with your guests. It also means ensuring that your guests have a comfortable stay at your place. And what better way to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable than a beautifully decorated guest bedroom!

Tips to decorate your guest bedroom

Decorating a guest bedroom isn’t a hard task. All you need to do is to look at the room from a neutral perspective-think of the comfort level and basic essentials that you would need like toiletries, towels, and bedding while staying away from home.
Here are some thoughtful guest bedroom decor ideas that will help you create a comfortable retreat for your guests.

1. Imitate Hotel Chic

Tips to decorate your guest bedroom

First things first: While decorating your guest bedroom think of chic hotel style decor. Add a stylish wallpaper, a nightstand next to the bed to make your guest bedroom look hotel-like. Place some fresh flowers on the nightstand to complete the look. Finish the bed with crisp white linen, warm the floor with a soft area rug, add a seat to hold bags, and a dresser for keeping garments. Stock the nightstand with water bottles and some snacks.

2. Try Bedside Scones

Tips to decorate your guest bedroom

While decorating your guest bedroom, think of your guest’s comfort. Since your guest is not aware of the furniture laid around the room, it might be of help to have wall sconces or table lamps for them to use in the night. This way, your guests won’t stumble upon any furniture in the night!

3. Window Treatments

Tips to decorate your guest bedroom

While picking curtains for your guest bedroom refrain from using light colored fabric. Instead, opt for blackout shades. They not only work well when you want to sleep for long hours but also keep the room cool during hot days.

4. Include Seasonal Bedding Essentials

Tips to decorate your guest bedroom

Your guests won’t have a comfortable stay if they don’t get a proper sleep in the night. So, ensure you have a comfortable mattress and seasonal bedding essentials like a blanket for winter, or a comforter if the room is air-conditioned or a cotton dohar for summer days.

5. Nightstand Essentials

Tips to decorate your guest bedroom

Ensure your visitors have all they require to wake up feeling fresh, energized, and on time. Equip the bedside table with a clock, and ensure an electric outlet is close to the bed, so that your guests can charge their phone and other electronic devices overnight. Additionally, share your WiFi password with your guests so that they can remain connected to the world.