Mera Wala White: Tricks to Keep Your White Walls looking White

Last updated on December 20th, 2021

While more and more people are now looking to go in for white walls in their homes and office spaces, wanting to make them look more spacious and airy, there are still many of us who are distrustful of white paint, simply because we grew up with colorful walls or are worried about maintaining white walls.

And living in a country where dirt and dust are always an issue, doesn’t help things either!

But we urge you to go all-white with your walls if you like the color, as we’ve got some simple tricks to help you keep your white walls looking white for long! But before you go all-white, here’s something to ask yourself.

Can you maintain white walls?

When decorating your space or choosing the right decor for your home, the first thing we tend to do is consider whether or not we will be able to maintain it in the long run, right? In the same vein, when you consider white walls, always ask yourself if you’ll be able to maintain them. Think about your lifestyle and the people living in your home, and if, as a family, you are willing to invest that extra time and care.

If you have kids or pets, then maintaining white walls can be tricky. If you still want to go all white, don’t worry. Our tricks will help your walls stay spotlessly white for a long, long time. Read on to know what they are.

Choose the right kind of paint

It is extremely important to choose good quality paint when you are going for white walls. It may cost you extra, but it is definitely worth the investment. Most popular paint brands offer you washable paints that you can easily clean with just a damp cloth. Choosing a color like this will not only save you money but the trouble of repainting your walls every year. Besides, good quality paint will ensure your wall paint has a good foundation that will make maintaining your walls easier.

Remove stains immediately

If you’ve got a stain on your white walls, the trick is to clean it off immediately. The longer you let it stay, the higher are the chances that it’ll stay. If you choose good quality paint, most stains can be removed with just a damp cloth. If you notice that water does not clean off the stains, you can dilute a little dish cleaner liquid with warm water. Make sure to test this first in a spot that’s hidden to see if it causes any damage to the paint. You can add borax to the soapy water or dilute a bleaching agent if this doesn’t work. But make sure you do a patch test whenever you try out something for the first time on your walls.

Clean them regularly

If you want your walls to stay spotlessly white for long, ensure that you schedule regular cleaning and dusting. Cleaning with a duster or brush with long handles makes it easier and faster. If you’ve gone in for an all-white kitchen, it will require a little more care because of all the grease that accumulates on the walls from cooking. Always remember to switch on your chimney when cooking. This will help reduce the amount of dirt sticking to the walls. Also, ensure that you wash the walls at least once a year to maintain them. However, be careful not to let the walls absorb a lot of water. You can wipe down your walls with a dry cloth soon after washing the walls.

Keep furniture away from the walls

Have you ever noticed black and shiny marks on the walls or paint chipping off in places your furniture touches the walls? To avoid your white walls getting damaged, ensure that you position all your furniture a few inches away from the walls. This will protect your walls from any damage and also help keep the area between the furniture and the walls clean.

These were some of the tricks you can use to keep those white walls sparkling white for a long time. At first, you may find this difficult. However, with time, you will get used to it.

White walls are timeless; they will never go out of style. Hope you found this interesting and are closer to making the decision about painting your home! Do visit us at for more help on choosing the right paint for your home.

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