8 Ways To Light Up Your Living Room

Last updated on April 27th, 2022

Ambient light has a profound effect on our mood. Think of a romantic dinner, and your mind’s eye will conjure up the image of a candlelit table. Think of a productive office, and you’ll imagine bright fluorescent lights over cubicles full of clacking keyboards. Our living room is where we entertain guests, both for business and pleasure. So the lighting of this room should also encompass all needs.

Here are 8 ways to make your living room ready for anything – from romantic dates to an after-work chat with colleagues.

1. Layers of Light

A single light source is never sufficient for a room. Pick a mix of warm-toned lights and cool-toned lights. Place lights at different heights in the room so that every angle is well-lit.

2. Maximize Natural Light

There’s no better light source than the Sun. Clear out all the windows in the living room. Swap heavy curtains for gauzy summer drapes. Choose clear glass on the windows instead of textured glass. Paint the walls in a lighter color to give the illusion of space and light. Sunlit rooms are an instant mood booster.

3. The Old and the New

An eclectic mix of fixtures can look incredible if done well. Choose a mix of modern floor lamps to offset an ornate chandelier. Or mix sleek, minimal floor lamps with charming, vintage candlesticks. It will make your living room unique.

4. Low ceilings? No problem!

Avoid chandeliers and bulky lights if the living room ceiling is low. Recessed lights and sconces are the best bets here. Avoid any large fixture that takes up too much space. Sleek designs and transparent lampshades are the way to go.

5. Artsy and Sculptural

Choose fixtures that double up as artwork. An interesting lampshade or an architecturally complex piece can become the focus of the living room.

Go vintage and artisanal or modern and clean as per the room’s aesthetic. Keep the other light fixtures simple. A few recessed lights as additional sources will suffice.

6. Focal Points and Highlights

Have intriguing paintings up on your walls? Add a spotlight to frame your prized beauty. A few sconces to highlight a gallery wall will certainly be eye-catching.

Rail-mounted spotlights and wall sconces are ideal for this purpose. A strategic floor lamp is another great option.

7. Pendants and Sconces

A modern room may be best lit up by pendant lights. They are both functional and stylish. However, they may be insufficient to light up the entire room. Support them with sconces in any dark spots. This option looks clean, polished, and minimalist.

8. Playful Multicolored Lights

Is your aesthetic playful and cheerful? Reflect that in your living room by placing many-colored lights. With the advent of smart lights, it is easy to change the color of any lamp. Or, go old school and find lampshades and bulb covers that light up your space in a myriad of hues.

Final Thoughts

Living rooms are all about the ambiance you want to create and lights are an integral part of that setting. Try out lights in a few different colors and heights to understand what works for your room.

And if you’re looking for some living room design inspiration, here are some ideas.

Happy decorating, peeps!