Maintaining A Light Colored Sofa Isn’t As Difficult As You Think

Last updated on August 1st, 2022

White upholstery oozes luxury and elegance. So do umpteen neutral shades such as sand, beige or off-white.

While we would like nothing better than to have a white addition to our seating arrangement, we balk at the thought of stains and patches on its pristine surface. Don’t worry. All is not lost if you have your heart set on it.

So, how do you enjoy a light-colored sofa without breaking into a sweat every time a visitor visits? Let’s find out more about light-color sofa maintenance.

Buy Sofa Throws To Avoid Stains

A throw on your sofa is a great way to enhance the beauty of your room. This addition to your living room allows you to introduce a different color or texture into your home decor.

Keeping a beautiful throw handy is a grand light color sofa maintenance scheme. Before using the couch, spread out the throw. You can drape it on the arm or the back of your sofa when not in use. So, buy sofa throws for light color sofa maintenance to avoid stains.

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to keep your throw in place, especially when kids are around. Using slip covers for your sofa is a great way to let your kids have fun without you getting stressed about sofa stains. You can remove the sofa slipcovers when guests visit.

And hey, avoid sitting on the armrest. It causes wear and tear and staining too.

Vacuum regularly for light color sofa maintenance

Pollution, dust, and grime are sure to make their way into your home, especially in urban areas. If your light-colored sofa does not get a regular cleanup, the dirt will settle into its upholstery, giving it a dull and dirty look. Using a lint roller is a great way to pick up biscuit crumbs.

For faux leather, wipe off the surface with a cloth. However, your vacuum cleaner may need to suck out dirt from the creases.

You can give your sofa a thorough vacuuming on weekends if pressed for time. If you vacuum regularly, you will be able to maintain the beauty of your sofa upholstery.

Avoid direct sunlight

When exposed to the sun’s harsh rays, upholstery tends to fade and even tear over time. So, while you let the sun’s early morning rays into your home, keep light curtains drawn in the noon heat, especially in a west-facing room.

Blinds on your window are an option, as they control the intensity of the Sun’s rays.

Basic cleaning tips for light color sofa maintenance

Remove dust particles and dander from the sofa with a brush. The bristles will loosen dirt deposits and stains.

Follow with using a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning. Vacuuming will also allow you to identify various stains on your fabric.

To remove odor and loosen stains, sprinkle baking powder on your sofa. Brush off the baking soda after a good rubbing. Vacuum the fabric again for good measure.

Make a baking soda and water solution for hardened stains to tackle the damage. Equal parts of baking soda and water should do the trick. Wipe off the residue with a cloth and the solution and air dry the sofa. Using sofa shampoo to clean it is another option to try.

Leather sofas need special care. It’s best to follow your manufacturer’s tips for better care of your couch.

Remember, avoid sunlight!

Final thoughts

Usually, we cast covetous glances at gorgeous white sofa sets and opt for something easier to maintain. However, you have no reason to hesitate with these excellent maintenance tips. Buy the white couch you always eyed.

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