9 Popular Décor Styles Decoded

Last updated on November 10th, 2021

What’s your decorating style? Have you ever given it much thought? When asked this question, most people would be wondering how many decorating styles there are and which category should theirs belong to.

Here’s a great starting point for you to get to know about the various popular decorating styles and how they differ from one another. Once you figure out which one’s your favorite, it’ll be a whole lot easier for you to go about adding little decorative touches to your house. So, let’s get started!

1. Modern

The modern style of decorating makes use of a simple color palette, crisp lines, and materials like metal, glass, and steel and there’s an underlying simplicity in every design element used, including furniture. It doesn’t involve a lot of frills or accessories and is defined by a noticeable absence of clutter.

2. Contemporary

Although modern and contemporary styles are often interchangeably used, they are two different décor styles. The modern style refers to a décor style that began in the 20th century. Contemporary style, on the other hand, is more about what’s in trend now, at the moment, and is very fluid. For instance, what may have been contemporary in 2015 may not be contemporary in the year 2020.

3. Minimalist

The minimalist style incorporates a lot of what forms a part of the modern décor style and makes it even simpler. It is defined heavily by functionality and clean lines everywhere. It uses neutral colors, understated accessories, and furnishings and ensures that clutter is nonexistent.

4. Industrial

The Industrial style, as its name suggests, with its unfinished and raw elements like exposed pipes and brick, and dangling light fixtures, draws inspiration from a warehouse or an urban loft. Homes sporting this look are usually renovated lofts that were formerly part of an industrial building, with color schemes used lying in the vicinity of the colors of raw wood and unfinished metals.

5. Scandinavian

Rooted deeply in the Nordic culture’s love for simplicity and all things natural, the Scandinavian décor style is understated, clean, and earthy. A color palette that is mostly white and neutral, functional furniture that almost seems like a work of art, extremely limited use of accessories, and an abundance of natural lighting are a few things that characterize this globally popular style of décor.

6. Bohemian

A Bohemian décor style follows few rules, other than following your heart and believing that any décor element is okay to use, as long as you love it. It follows a global outlook that’s carefree and quite tolerant. Décor elements used here may range from vintage items, flea market buys, beloved collections, or family heirlooms. It defies typical expectations with plenty of floor pillows replacing chairs or a glamorous chandelier paired with a threadbare rug.

7. Rustic

Rustic design is all about using unfinished and raw elements like wood and stone borrowing perfectly imperfect elements from nature. The furniture used here tends to be quite organic with raw finishes and a worn look. You will find most of its elements inspired by nature whether it’s furnishings or accessories or art, lending a warm and earthy feel to the entire setting.

8. Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is quite a feminine style, that tends to be more on the softer and delicate side. Being a vintage-inspired style of décor, the paints used in this décor tend to have antique-style finishes with the color palette that is adhered to, being whites, creams, and pastels. The furnishings used in shabby chic décor style tend to be distressed and the light fixtures and wall hangings are quite ornate, making the style carry a pronounced feminine vibe.

9. Hollywood Glam

Also known as Hollywood Regency, this is a design style that’s all about luxury, drama, and over-the-top opulence, and if you’re someone who likes to make a statement through your décor, then this is just the décor style for you!
Some elements of this design style borrow from Victorian décor and include plush furnishings, extensive use of velvet, and plenty of antiques. The colors popular in this décor style are mostly bold jewel tones like purple, red, emerald, and turquoise.