The 10 Hottest Décor Trends On Pinterest

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

If you’re trying to give a few trendy touches to your home interiors and the scores of decorating ideas going in and out of vogue have left you confused, look no further! Here are the latest design trends the world over, as per Pinterest, right from the colors to choose for your interiors, to the kind of carpets and accessories to invest in. Read on to know what’s trending and what’s not.

1. Geometric Tiles And Tables

Courtesy: trendir

Geometric shapes are a hot item right now, with pins for tables in geometric shapes up by 536 percent this year while those on geometric tiles up by 238 percent.

2. Color Me Happy

Courtesy: homedit

Staying positive and taking care of one’s happiness seem to have gained significance in home interiors as well, with saves for trends on well-being like ‘coloring your bedroom happy’ and ‘creating motivational workspaces’ up by 430 percent.

3. Framed Plants

Courtesy: pinterest

Most of us love house plants but not all of us are blessed with a green thumb. If gardening isn’t your forte, then the closest that you can get to adding greenery to your home is with framed plants which is a trend that’s risen by a solid 396 percent this year. What has also seen an increase are botanical prints which have gone up by 114 percent.

4. Bright Dining Spaces


Bright, neon-like colors seem to be getting steadily popular in many restaurants, cafes and dining spaces. Are you willing to take the risk and give them a try in yours?

5. The Fringe Fad

Courtesy: pinterest

Thought fringe only looked good on clothing? Wrong. Pinterest says the fringe fad has entered living rooms as well, with the pins on fringed furniture, mirrors and chandeliers up by a good 275 percent.

6. The Color Purple

Courtesy: pinterest

Pantone’s color of the year, Purple is your color to go for, with pins and saves on a steady rise reaching a record high of 2675%. Time to go shopping for those pieces in lavender and violet!

7. Rugs That Make A Statement

Courtesy: architecturaldigest

Showstopper rugs are growing hugely popular with pins going up by as much as 236 percent this year.

8. Minimalist Art

Courtesy: weddbook

While going bold is getting to be quite popular, art seems to be following a minimalist trend with simple one-line drawings and silhouettes adorning an increasing number of walls.

9. Painting The Town Red

Courtesy: pinterest

It’s a good idea to forget about neutrals for a while and go after bold colors like red, which seem to have had an increase in the number of pins by a whopping 217 percent!

10. Faces

Courtesy: pinterest

Strangely enough, faces and facial features are showing up in many interior accessories like wall hangings and carpets.