Add Character to Your Rental Home: No Commitment Required!

Last updated on August 29th, 2022

Most of the time, people compromise on the décor of their rental home. After all, it is what it is, and it’s not like it’s your permanent residence.

While radical changes in your décor are not possible, you can still personalize the space to reflect the inner you. You may wonder, why should you spend money on a temporary home? Well, the good news is that small changes that don’t cost a bomb can dramatically change the look of your home. Skeptical? Let’s put those niggling doubts to bed and get to work.

Tackle The Hardware And The Light Switches

Over time, plastic switches get a worn-out look. The same goes for the hardware on your kitchen and wardrobe shutters. Changing the hardware is like waving a magic wand on your home décor. A bit of clean-up and smart handles will amp the look of your décor.

Pssst…the owner may want those handles, so be prepared to leave things as they were before you leave.

Sticker Tiles Can Change The Look Of Your Kitchen

Giving your rental kitchen a backsplash will make a huge dent in your budget. And making do with what’s available can be painfully frustrating. No fear. Stick-on tiles are easy to use and work on surfaces such as mirrors, ceramic tiles, or even paint or wallpaper, depending on the product.

When you want to remove them, use a blow dryer to loosen the gum. For a pristine look, use a non-abrasive cleaner to remove gum residue.

Spruce Up The Lighting

Table lamps are a great option, as are classy standalone lamps. You can go the wall sconce way if you prefer, and a few holes won’t damage the wall. Pendant lights and fairy lights are a great choice too.

For your kitchen, LED tape lights are a fun way to add interest to the décor. As they go under the cabinet, you can get the look you want with minimum fuss.

Remodel The Mirrors

Plain mirrors can get boring. You can frame the existing mirrors in your bathrooms or your bedrooms to add pizzazz to the décor. Metal frames are always a great choice. However, vibrant paint looks great too.

Hey, you don’t have to remove the mirror to get the job done. A customized frame and some heavy-duty tape will do the trick.

Give The Walls A Splash Of Color

Depending on the color and condition of your rental space, either repaint the house or address the focal wall to add vibrancy and style to your look. However, before you begin, it’s best to ask your landlord if they are ok with it.

Think Out Of The Box

Remodeling your home is out of the question as it’s a rental property. However, you can repurpose nooks and crannies to get the best out of your home. You can use the space behind your door as storage space or install storage space for your toys and linen on the balcony.

Do It With Throws And Cushions

Throws and cushions can change the look of your home in a matter of minutes. What’s more, you can change the look when you get tired of these colors. Add a dhurrie or area carpet while you are at it. Gorgeous and cheap too!

Final Thoughts

It’s in the details. A few changes in your rental home can add drama to your home décor. For add-ons and designing tips, has many ideas to suit your home décor needs. They probably know your taste better than you do!