Alternatives To Bathroom Wall Tiles You’ll Wanna Try Out!

Last updated on February 28th, 2023

Bathroom tiles have been around for centuries. It may surprise you to know that the Victorians used them too! So, maybe it’s time for us to venture out to new pastures. There are many materials to choose from, and if you have a yen for something unique, we have a few amazing ideas for you to play around with.

While style is a deciding factor, your budget and practicality also figure in. So, to get your equation right, let us walk you through these interesting takes on bathroom wall décor. Let’s start!

Wood for a Chic Look

There is a tendency to veer away from wood in wet areas. However, depending on the wood you use, it can be manna from heaven. Some materials, such as teakwood or bamboo, can weather water splashing and are quite resilient. In wet areas, we suggest a coat of sealant to protect the material.

The cost can be prohibitive, so wood isn’t in everyone’s budget. However, you can get almost the same look with PVC sheets or faux wood flooring. And unless you have a connoisseur in your midst, no one will know the difference.

A word of warning; wood needs maintenance, so it’s best to brush up on cleaning hacks before you install it in your bathroom.

Stone for That Earthy Look

Stone is very easy to maintain, and as it’s hard-wearing and mold-resistant, it’s a win-win situation. Slate, granite, limestone, and kota are just some of the options. For a sleek look, opt for polished stone. However, unpolished stone can work magic if you want a rustic look. And hey, we suggest you walk that extra mile and mix textures and stones to add dimension.

Mosaic Magic

Mosaic has been around for ages. And it never loses its charm. This versatile medium gives you a lot of freedom to play around with colors, patterns and texture. For intricate patterns, you will need an artisan well-versed in the art. To play it safe, go for a combination of shades to amp up the look of your bathroom. We suggest a combination of mosaic and stone to take it to the next level. And yes, try faux wood flooring or wood pattern ceramic tiles to bring out the charm of mosaic.

A Splash of Paint

It may surprise you, but paint is a great alternative to tiles. Apart from the fact that it’s a lot cheaper, paint is not hard to maintain. If you want to go the paint route, here are some things you should keep in mind – Opt for steam-resistant, wipeable paint. Also, make sure the product has mildew-resistant properties. A washable finish is also a must.

But be warned, there may be water seepage, and too much cleaning can scarp off the paint. On the plus side, you can play with textures and even murals to add style to the décor.

Mix it Up

An interesting way to add dimension to your space is by using various materials and textures. Rough, hewn stone is a perfect match for wood. So are stone tiles in different shades with wood. Brick walls work very well with stone and wood. And hey, you can always come up with your unique take on the decor once you understand the basics.

Let the Light in

Granted, too many windows in a bathroom can be a nightmare when the next building is a few yards away. But you don’t need to use transparent glass. Tinted one-way glass is a great option, as is translucent glass for total privacy. Whichever way you play it, you can’t argue the magical impact of glass windows for a summery feel. If structural changes are not possible, we suggest faux windows to give a surreal feel. And yes, do light them up!

Final Thoughts

The possibilities are limitless. The trick is to explore the options and collect samples and ideas before you decide. And if you feel overwhelmed, we will help you work out your dream bathroom. Log in to and check out other exciting concepts and designs.