We’ve All Heard The Word A lot. But What Exactly Is Rustic Décor?

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022

We’ve all heard the term thrown around a lot in décor circles, but if looking at a quaint cabin in the woods has left you wondering what it is about rustic décor that makes it truly rustic, then you aren’t alone.

How about we bring the confusion around rustic décor to a swift end? Read on to learn more.

What Exactly Is Rustic Decor?

Rustic is a design type that involves natural, aged, and organic things, all of them a little rough around the edges, from wear. In fact, rustic décor can cover many different design styles, as long as their design elements sport a natural, aging, and raw finish. Farmhouse, Tuscan, and even coastal décor styles also fall under rustic décor.

So, Is Your Home Rustic?

You don’t really need to be living in a log cabin in the woods to have a rustic home. Your home just needs to be sporting a lot of what has a natural and organic feel to it. Things made out of real, untreated wood and other elements that come directly from the earth.
The idea is for your décor to look absolutely devoid of frills of any kind, and instead be relaxed and welcoming with muted tones and monochromes and no splashes of bold paint anywhere in sight.

Unmistakable Elements Of Rustic Décor

Let’s talk about all the various elements that make rustic décor what it is.

  • Materials close to their raw form: Unprocessed wood, stone, and real brick are commonly used in rustic décor. Even its textiles abound in jute, burlap, canvas, and other raw-looking materials. Nothing overly processed, dyed or designed.
  • Plenty of texture: Rustic décor has an amazing amount of textural variety since almost everything used has a close-to-nature feel to it. Expect to see plenty of raw stone, wood with obvious grain, animal hide, and jute in a rustic setting.
  • Finish, or a lack thereof: You may want to avoid anything with an obvious sheen to it, as rustic décor thrives on the gritty and the imperfect.
  • Simplicity: Elements in rustic décor are extremely simple, with focus only on the material and not so much on the design, allowing the eye to focus on the material, rather than the design or shape.
  • Exposed beams: Exposed beams are one hundred percent rustic. So if your home has a few, don’t hide them.
  • A ‘Heavy’ Feel: Elements in rustic décor feel heavier than their counterparts in other decorating styles. Furniture with large square legs, for instance.

And last but not the least, elements in this style of décor are unique and have tons of character. So handmade is way better than factory-made stuff, any day.

Happy decorating, peeps!