DesignerSpeak: How To Store Stuffed Animals Aesthetically

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023

Parents are all too familiar with the bizarre phenomenon of plush animals that seem to multiply miraculously overnight. Plush toys quickly invade children’s rooms, living rooms, and any other available area, covering all surfaces and taking up room that could be used in a more useful way. This encourages parents to look online for animal toy storage solutions.

It’s critical that everyone in the household understands where the stuffed animals go after being played with. Utilizing an organizing technique where the plush animals are kept will assist in getting everything off the floor while keeping them accessible and complementing the design of your child’s room or play area. Here are a few tips to try out!

Under-bed storage

Storing stuffed toys under the bed is a great way to maintain a clean and tidy kid’s room, which is often a difficult feat! To ensure that the toys aren’t getting damaged while storing and taking them out of the under-the-bed drawers or compartments, you can try a couple of things. Lay a soft blanket or sheet on the floor of the compartment to avoid dirt, metallic surfaces and scratches. You can also use fabric boxes with zippers to separate out your toys and store them neatly.

In large bins

Bins are the easiest way to store all your stuffed animals. They are easier for children to access, while also acting as a cue. If the bin is filled with toys, no more toys can be added to it unless some are donated or given away. You can organize these even better by storing your smaller plushies in smaller bins and assigning a bigger bin for all the bigger toys. This way, children can also learn about sorting and organizing their toys while being able to take them out quickly.

Shelves in the wall

This might seem like an obvious tip, but surprisingly, it’s not that commonly used for stuffed toys! If you have built-in shelves in your kid’s room, some spare shelves in a closet, or even some newly added shelves on the wall, you can use them for organizing! Being open and easily visible, you can have fun with your children and arrange the toys to create a pleasing setup or display. You can sort them by color, by type, or even swap them out seasonally to add a more fun element to your kid’s room. Stuffed animals are like free decor pieces that your child will readily help you with organizing!

On a hammock

As kids get older, they might not play with their stuffed animals as often, but would still want them around because of the attachment they might have with them. Why just kids, a lot of adults also like having stuffed toys and plushies around! When this is the case, you can create a charming display by arranging all your favorite toys on a hammock. Using hammocks or macrame wall hangers is a great way to store your toys off the ground while also being able to see them. You can choose the size of the hammock based on your collection and save on precious shelf space that can be better utilized for other things.

Use what you have

With so many toys, books and other belongings, you might not want to add more things to your home by buying organizing bins and containers! The best way to organize, after all, is to repurpose the materials you already have to create ingenious, creative ways of storing stuffed animals. You can use a collapsable fabric shelf that is often used in closets, or a shoe organizer. You can repurpose old cardboard boxes and plastic bags and turn them into toy boxes!

Summing Up

Stuffed animals can quickly grow into a huge collection, especially if your kid or even you enjoy having them around. To clearly keep count of your collection while also storing it tidily, use the tricks mentioned above and start organizing! Turn it into a game with your children to make the process more enjoyable for them! For more such tips and tricks on organizing, check out Homebliss blogs!