Enchanting Diwali Lighting Ideas For A Truly LIT Diwali

Last updated on October 13th, 2022

Are you looking for lighting ideas to brighten up your humble abode this Diwali? Whether you want to add new lighting fixtures in your space or looking to tweak or upgrade the existing ones, we’ve got you covered, for the best lighting ideas, this Diwali.

Whether you choose to decorate with string lights, pendant lights, sconces, wall lights, LED lights, candles, or diyas, all you need to do is get the lights and leave the rest to us.

So are you all set to make your home stand out from all the others in the neighborhood, this Diwali? Let’s get ready to experiment with these genius lighting ideas!

1. DIY bottle-lights

This is an easy and no-fuss way to illuminate any space within minutes. For this, you can use any old or discarded glass bottles. Place string lights or rice lights inside these bottles, turn them on, and Voila! (You can choose battery-operated string lights especially meant for bottles as well, that come with their own corks to close the bottle)

Place them in a corner or over a shelf for a subtly luminous effect. What’s more, this is a great way to reuse all those old wine bottles you may have lying around.

If you aren’t keen on using bottles, you could also use mason jars like the one you see here.

2. Floating Candles

If you are a contemporary decor lover, floating candles are an excellent way for you to keep up with tradition, while making your space smell divine. Place some floating candles in an ornate bowl full of water along with your favorite flowers and add a few drops of any essential oil to the water. Keep this in the entryway for beautiful and fragrant, Diwali vibes.

3. Fairy-light Curtains

You can make your space look absolutely gorgeous and instantly cozy with this clever DIY. Take a string of fairy lights long enough to cover an entire curtained area. Tie individual fairy lights to the curtain pole and let them fall to the floor. It will serve as a perfect backdrop for your memorable Diwali pictures.

Expert tip: Sheer curtains look best for this DIY, but you can work with any sheer fabric, such as a dupatta or drape.

4. Store-bought String Lights

To set the mood in your porch area, backyard, or balcony for your outdoor Diwali party, these lights are perfect. You can also use them on furniture, around doors and windows, and use sticky tape to keep them in place.

They are easy to install, and you can also get them in different colors to match your decor theme.

5. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are great for indulging in eco-friendly festivities while making sure that your space looks extra special. These classic lanterns are available in assorted colors. You can hang them high on the ceiling or even keep them in a bunch on the floor in any corner that needs some brightening up.

6. Disco-light Balls

To amp up your Diwali celebrations and give them a fun vibe, disco lights are what you need. You can easily get a disco light orb from the market and install it on the ceiling. Alternatively, you can buy a battery-operated and budget-friendly mini disco light. Place it on the floor for a kaleidoscopic effect.

7. DIY String Light Chandelier

This one looks as fun as it sounds. You can take your embroidery hoop, your kid’s hula-hoop, or just about anything circular. Start wrapping your string lights carefully around it while letting some ends hang loose. You can attach it to the ceiling using some twine to instantly brighten up your space.

8. Candle Centerpieces

Candles add old-world charm and beauty to the space without making it look overwhelming. You can also add a few flowers placed in a sleek vase in a tray to engage the senses further. This can also double up as a romantic dinner set-up.

To make a centerpiece for your dining or coffee table, pick your favorite scented pillar candles in different heights and arrange them on a tray. Or get a ready-made tea light candle arrangement like this one.

What say you?

9. LED Strips, placed strategically

Take your Diwali lighting decor up a notch with LED strip lights that are very easy to install and won’t take much time as well. These battery-operated LED strips are versatile and can illuminate any corner of your house. You can decorate your windows, doors, and shelves, behind or under the bed, and cabinets, or even create DIY shapes on the wall – a large diya, for instance!

To elevate your Diwali decor, watch this space closely for the next few days. We’re curating ideas to decorate your home with flowers and rangolis, that are absolutely out-of-this-world!

Have a great time preparing for Diwali, everyone!