FlowerPower: 7 Ideas To Make Your Home Frangrantly Beautiful This Diwali

Last updated on October 13th, 2022

Have you ever wondered how traditional homes were decorated during Diwali when there were no fancy lights, frills, and accessories? Yes, they were adorned using flowers and earthen diyas.

The old times tell us that Diwali decorations need not be extravagant. They can be simple and yet look vibrant and beautiful. It’s time to go back to our roots and incorporate these one hundred percent eco-friendly decor elements into our Diwali decorations!

Flowers, with their beauty and fragrance, change the whole aura of a place. They add more liveliness and bring a celebratory mood into the air. Are you ready to make your home fragrant and beautiful this Diwali? Here are 7 pro tips to make maximum impact with your flower décor.

1. A centerpiece with floating flowers

Floating flowers décor is an absolute delight for the eyes and calming for the mind. To create a stunning floating centerpiece, use a transparent bowl or a brass or gold plate with a deep base. Just fill it with water and add your favorite flowers in an aesthetically pleasing way!

You can even add floating candles to create a visually appealing look that goes well with the spirit of Diwali!

2. A stunning flower rangoli

A rangoli with flowers will surely uplift your Diwali décor. You don’t use the rangoli powders but petals or flowers of different colorful flowers such as rose and marigold for this rangoli.

Ditching rangoli colors and choosing flowers also makes your Diwali environment-friendly. Add diyas for a stunning final touch.

3. Strings of flowers

Just string flowers together and the impact they make increases manifold! Doors, windows, walls, staircases – are excellent places to hang beautiful flower garlands. For doors, you can even add flowers in toran style.

You can choose to create a flower curtain with multiple strings or use them strategically on walls, curtains etc. Choose flowers like carnations, dahlias, and daisies for an impactful look along with the more common marigolds and roses.

For an added attraction, you can tie string lights with the flowers or use them together as you see here.

4. Adorning the deities and the Puja space

The puja room is everyone’s favorite place to decorate during Diwali. But most of us often end up decorating it with fancy lights and decoratives. It’s time we made it more traditional by choosing an all-flower decoration.

You can create a toran style décor for the walls of the mandir. Place petals or whole flowers at the feet of the deities. You can also use flower garlands at the top part of the mandir. Finish the look with diyas.

5. Diyas paired with flowers

Diyas are an inseparable part of Diwali celebrations and décor. This time, pair your diyas with flowers for a fragrant and more beautiful touch. Surround the diyas with roses, marigolds, and jasmines. You can choose one flower or multiple flowers to place around the diyas. Or you do it vice versa – place flowers together and surround them with colorful diyas.
Another way of decorating your home with diyas and flowers is by putting earthen diyas in every corner of the room and placing a single flower beside them. This will ensure every room wafts with the soft fragrance of the flowers without making the look appear overdone.

6. Flowers in vases

In your zeal to make unique flower decorations, do not forget the classic flowers-in-a-vase arrangement. This is a timeless décor idea that never fails to impress. Choose an antique or traditional-looking flower vase and arrange your favorite flowers in it.

You can choose a mix of flowers or stick to one. The arrangement will look extraordinary at the center of a table. You can also place it on a side table or shelf. Complete the look with a brass statue and diya.

7. Flower chandeliers

Flower chandeliers are so impressive! Flower chandeliers are what your house needs to usher in the celebratory vibe and turn the mood auspiciously joyous. There are endless designs that you can choose your flower chandeliers in.

Hope you liked these vibrant and modern flower decoration ideas and will try them this Diwali! Do continue to watch this space closely for more such ideas to make your Diwali special!

Here’s wishing your Diwali is as beautiful and fragrant as these flowers!