6 Unconventional Ideas To Revamp Your Kitchen Slab

Last updated on December 30th, 2021

Kitchen slabs can start to look dull and develop cracks after years of use. If yours has weathered a lot of constant use (and abuse) and is ready for a change, here are 6 unusual alternatives to the commonly used countertops, that might change the way your kitchen looks!

1. Paper-stone 

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Paper-stone as a countertop might seem like a weird idea at first, but don’t judge it from its name! It is made when stacks of paper are heated and compressed along with resin and natural pigments, turning the paper into a durable stone-like material that is durable and ideal for use in kitchens. And most importantly, amazing to look at!

2. Recycled-glass

4Artistic Stoneworks

Just as the name suggests, this unique countertop material is made from recycled glass from like windows, bottles etc. This is a durable and cheap material that is also extremely eco-friendly!

3. Wood in a raw finish


2.asmithias contracting

A countertop like this will attract a lot of eyeballs. The untreated side of the wooden block brings in a natural vibe and makes one feel close to nature. You can use it in areas that don’t come in contact with water constantly, the way it has been done here.

4. Quartz 


6.bDecoration Ideas

Quartz is one of the top-most alternatives to natural stones. Given its longevity, durability, and low maintenance it’s quickly gaining popularity

5. Coins and resin

3NP Dodge

Coins are cheap and make a fantastic material to re-do your countertop with. When covered in epoxy resin and sealed, this countertop turns out to be quite strong and can withstand the demands of a busy kitchen.

6. Soapstone 



A natural stone, soapstone makes a great kitchen countertop! From a durability standpoint, soapstone is less brittle and doesn’t crack easily. And can give a subtle, understated appeal to a kitchen.

Happy decorating, folks!