FurnitureWise: How To Select The Right Upholstered Chair

Last updated on September 14th, 2022

Okay, first things first. Why do people get upholstered chairs? Style, yes. But what tends to influence their choice more than just style is the comfort that an upholstered chair can offer. More often than not, it’s a space you can hope to put your feet up and relax in.  And finding the right chair that offers you both comfort and style cannot involve a hasty decision. Help us make yours an informed one!

That said, aside from what we speak of here, remember to keep in mind your height, weight and body type and the way you like to sit when looking for that perfect upholstered chair.

The Seat Of The Chair

The seat of the chair is where you’re going to rest all your weight and this makes it one of the most crucial aspects of your chair-buying decision. It is important to make sure you check the chair for these 4 things.
1. The seat should be neither so soft that you sink right into it, nor so firm that you find it uncomfortable to sit on.
2. The seat is right for your body type if your knees are perpendicular to the floor and not pointing up or down when you’re seated on the chair.
3. If you’re tall, look for a seat that has greater depth. And if you’re shorter or have bad knees, a shallow seat would work best.
4. If you like to prop your feet up and lounge on a chair, look for a wider seat.

The Chair Back

Chairs come with high or low backs, and they don’t just offer lumbar support, but are also important for neck support, sometimes. If you are planning on lounging, reading, or watching TV in your chair, go for a higher back, for better neck support.
Also, you can choose a chair with a tight cover on the back or one with loose cushions, depending on its appeal and the amount of comfort you’re looking for. Generally speaking, cushions make a chair comfier. You can also choose to add cushions to your chair as additional lumbar support, as a decorative accent, or to make the seat shallower.

The Arms

Whether or not your chair needs to have arms depends on how long you’re planning on sitting on it. If you are planning to use it a lot, then it makes sense to get one with armrests, as being able to rest your arms is important if you’re seeking comfort. But if the chair is an accent piece that only your guests will sit on, then arms become less important.
If you do need one with arms, it is important to notice if your arms rest naturally on the chair arm or rest awkwardly, when you sit on it. Also, you can choose how your chair arms look. They can be upholstered or sport other materials like wood or metal.

The Overall Quality

The quality of your chair doesn’t just decide how long it’ll last, but will also decide how comfortable you find it. Not to mention how it looks when you buy it and how it continues to look over time. This is why it is a good idea to pay attention to the frame used, seating support provided, and the fillers used in making the chair and buy the best quality your budget allows.

That’s it from us, for now. We hope to have steered you towards an informed chair-buying decision!

Happy decorating, folks!