Vastu Shastra: Know All About Hanging Paintings & Pictures On Your Walls

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Vastu Shastra gives us insights into every corner of a house and even the significance of objects placed in it.

And according to this science, the direction and placement of pictures and paintings in the house can have a direct effect on our minds. And, the wrong placement of an image can have an adverse effect on the house and its inhabitants. For instance, we revere our ancestors and don’t think twice about placing pictures of deceased relatives in the puja room. However, Vastu Shastra doesn’t recommend hanging such pictures in the puja room.

Here are 7 other important things to keep in mind when hanging pictures and artwork off the walls of our house.

1.  Never hang pictures portraying war, loneliness, and sadness on your walls.

2.  Avoid hanging pictures depicting anger of any kind. It has an unsettling influence on the mind.

3. Abstract paintings and pictures with no clear and meaningful content lead to confusion and stress. As per Vastu Shastra abstract paintings and pictures are not a great idea.

4. Try not to hang pictures of your deceased relatives on the North-east divider of the house or in the puja room. Instead, hang them on the southern wall of your home.

5. As per Vastu Shastra, pictures depicting water component should be on the northern wall of the house, and pictures depicting fire should be hung on the southern wall.

6. Place family photos on the southwest wall to strengthen the bond among family members. Also, never put family pictures on the eastern or northern divider.

7. To harmonize the vibe of your home, put up pretty pictures or paintings of birds in pairs. However, as per Vastu Shastra, you should avoid unpleasant pictures of birds or wild animals.

Happy decorating, folks!