Let’s Make Magic: 10 Stunning Decor Ideas That Use Fairy Lights

Last updated on April 27th, 2022

Have you been imagining what your dream home should look like? Decorative mirrors, artworks, chandeliers, you must have thought of it all! However, when it comes to fairy lights, you might feel amazed and perplexed at the same time as there are multiple ways to use them in your personal space. And knowing which one would work in your home isn’t easy. 

Here are the 10 best ways to give your home a little bit of magic with what are rightfully called ‘fairy’ lights!

Mason jar lights 

Mason jars and warm, aromatic candles can come together to lend a supremely tranquil and fun vibe to any space. Put them in any corner of your bedroom or organize them on your desk; the simplified beauty will not fail to calm and rejuvenate you.  

LIT curtains 

Brighten up the mood of your living room by enhancing the curtains with fairy lights and turning the space into something right out of a fairytale. This dreamy corner allows you to take a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of life, where you may sip a cup of tea mulling on the purpose of life. 

Your balcony redefined!

Enjoy your own company with these pick-me-ups working their magic on your balcony. Sit back and relax; let the vibrant, colorful lights recreate the space with their unbeatable charm. 

Dressing up the dressing table

Reflect your elegance in the beautifully decorated mirror and dressing table. Just get your favorite fairy lights out and drape them around the edge of your dresser. It’s time to start your day with some truly LIT vibes. 

Let your child feel special with fairy lights

Shine your kid’s room with fairy lights and turn their dream world into reality. Just find the perfect corner in the room or place them over the bed and transform it into a magical space just like that.

A fun wall makeover

Do you often feel that something is missing on the walls of your room? Well, then jazz up the walls with a few tastefully hung fairy lights and get an instant wall makeover!

Beautifying your bedroom

The soothing glow of the fairy lights will revive your senses after a long day’s work. They’ll provide just enough light to illumine the late reading sessions or the right ambiance for a cup of steaming chamomile tea right before bedtime. Add lights to the accent wall, headboard, or ceiling and give your room a pretty and serene glow.  

An artistic ceiling 

Create a canopy of glittering stars to feel like you’re sitting outdoors beneath the night sky right inside your own home. Experience the magic whenever you look at the ceiling with these fairy lights.

Your outdoor terrace area brilliantly transformed

Create a romantic cafe-like vibe at home with pretty fairy lights, or rejoice in the dining experience with your family in the beautifully lit terrace space right at your home.

Bring a dark corner alive

Do you wish to breathe new life into a dull spot of your house? What else can be better than sprucing up the nook with fairy lights! You may fill a few glass jars with your favorite plants and use fairy lights to illuminate the area.

Home is a place where you come back every time to get comfortable. We hope you are able to use any or all of these ideas to cheer up various spaces in your home. 

Do check us out for more such ideas. Happy decorating, everyone!