Lighting Tips For The 5 Different Spaces In Your Home

Last updated on March 26th, 2021

Lighting is a vital part of the decor as it sets the ambiance of the space. When done right, it highlights what’s beautiful and takes the attention away from what’s not. On the other hand, bad lighting can make a stunningly beautiful room appear ordinary, if not worse.

Here’s a quick guide to the types of lighting there are and what kind of lighting each room in our home needs.

Types of lighting

1. Ambient Light:

Ambient lighting as the name suggests sets the mood of a space by being the primary source of light. It usually refers to natural sources of light. It can also mean regular light bulbs that light up a room.

2. Task Light:

Task lighting includes light sources committed to lighting a particular area. In kitchens, for instance, you may need recessed lights or under-the-cupboard lighting for a clear view of the counters for cutting and cooking.

3. Accent Lights:

Accent lighting centers light around a specific range or object. It is usually used to highlight an art piece.

Lighting In The Living Room

Layered lighting is essential in the living room, an area where we tend to spend time doing different things like watching TV, entertaining guests, playing indoor games, reading etc. Place reading lights by the lounge chair or seat, if you love to spend time reading. You can think of incorporating dimmers to tone down the levels of light. Floor lights are perfect for lighting up the under-lit corners.

Lighting In Your Private Sanctuary – Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you spend time relaxing and unwinding. Hence you can think of choosing lights with a dimmer switch to increase or decrease their brightness as and when required. If you have a bedside table in your bedroom, then consider having a task light right above it. You can also have task lights alongside the headboard on both sides for night-time reading.

Correct Lighting For The Kitchen

There are many activities that happen in a kitchen and the lighting should keep all of those in mind. Good task lighting for the counters and the sink teamed up with a nice, big pendant light for the ambiance and recessed lights used under the cabinets would work well in most kitchens.

Bathroom Lights

We generally don’t give much thought to the lighting used in the bathroom, since the place is so functional in our eyes. But for the right function as well as aesthetics, a bathroom needs an ambient light for the entire space along with a task light right above the mirror.

Lighting In The Dining Room

The dining area calls for accent lighting to enhance its décor. You can think of a statement chandelier or pendant light over the table to give the space the right ambiance.