Storage Alert: 20 Ways to Maximize Storage in your Home!

Last updated on October 4th, 2021

Whether you stay in a big apartment, a penthouse or a studio, storage is something that we always tend to fall short of.

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Here are 20 ways to create smart storage in your home in spaces that you would have never thought of using otherwise!



Use the space under the staircase to build cabinets, and use them to organize and store things.


ceiling storageCourtesy: Whoovie

Ceilings and perimeter are the most untapped areas when it comes to storage. Make use of the space by creating shelves.


corner drawersCourtesy: Beckyfriddle

Take advantage of the corners in the kitchen by installing corner drawers.


corner shelves

Install shelves in the corners of rooms and utilize this wasted space for storage.


designer wall shelvesCourtesy: The Spruce

Go for designer wall shelves to give your home a new dimension.


Courtesy: House Design Ideas

Wall mounted floating shelves in the kitchen are a great way to increase storage space.



Up your storage game in the kitchen by installing shelves next to the cabinet space.


laundry hangersCourtesy: Decoist

Now dry your washed shirts on hangers by installing a rod over the laundry area.


lobby storageCourtesy: Clipgoo

When it comes to storage, the hallway is the most ignored part of the house. A chic storage-cum-sitting unit will put this oft-ignored space to good use.


mudroom entryway storageCourtesy: HGTV

Invest in an entryway storage unit and keep clutter from making its way into your living area.


outdoor bench with storageCourtesy: Made By Mood

Make the most of your balcony by installing a sitting-cum-storage bench.


partition wall doubles up as verticle storageCourtesy: Yandex

Instead of going for the usual divider, get one with a storage built in. You wouldn’t believe the amount of storage space you’ll end up creating.


space-saving-fold-down-deskCourtesy: Atenasyoga

Use a space-saving pull-down table cum wall shelf and save the space you would otherwise invest on a desk.


utility hooksCourtesy: Fresh Designpedia

Install utility hooks in the kitchen to store all your pots and pans.


wall hooksCourtesy: HGTV

Wall hooks come in handy when you are running out of space. Use these hooks to hang your coats, scarves, bags and other bits and bobs.


wall hooks

Who says hooks need to be dull and boring! Install colorful hooks in a pattern and hang everything you want.


wall mounted shoe rackCourtesy: Foter

Believe it or not, shoes eat up more space than you think. Install creative wall mounted shelving to keep them all sorted.


Courtesy: American HWY

Make use of the empty wall leading up to the stairs to create wall-to-wall shelving.


wine storageCourtesy:

If you are a wine connoisseur, here are two creative ideas for you to display your collection in style!


work table organizerCourtesy: HappyModern.RU

Install a corkboard in front of your desk and keep all your knick-knacks and office supplies sorted using rods and hooks.