Move Aside Beige: Make Way For The New Neutrals!

Last updated on December 7th, 2021

Make way beige! There’re a few earthy entrants in the décor scene that are winning hearts with their quiet, understated elegance as background scores.

Concrete, the first one of the four we are going to talk about, is enjoying a bit of a moment currently. Couple it with plenty of whites and a good measure of texture thrown in for an Instagram-worthy impact, that doesn’t need photoshop to work its magic!

Furniture and accessories in greys and blacks and even bright yellow lend an Uber-urban aesthetic when used with this rather masculine tone.

And right after concrete, come two soothing shades of green – Mint, and Sage that are creating huge waves with their muted undertones. 

Let’s have a look at a few spaces where these darling colors are making things fabulous. 

Here’s one more such space. 

They are both great at lending a certain gentleness to firm silhouettes and the only things they ask for – eye-catching textures and some edgy design to go along, and you can bet on the combined effect being beyond fabulous!

Impressive isn’t it? 

Last but certainly not least, there’s blush – a feminine hue that adds a glow to interiors, whether it is on the walls or in other design elements. 

Surround it with elements in rose gold and white and you’ll have created a setting too pretty for words. Talk about lasting impressions!

Spelling all things pretty and nice, this color can add a soft, gentle touch to the harshest spaces. Team it with greens or greys or whites and you’ve got yourself a stunner of a space!

Whether it is mint, sage, rain-cloud-grey, or blush, these soft but powerful hues create a pretty canvas for you to tell your story on. They just sit quietly in the background as stunningly simple and elegant frames show-casing your décor.

Ready to try these pretty shades out in your home then?

Happy decorating, everyone!