4 Must-Haves For A Strikingly Colorful Living Room

Last updated on March 21st, 2022

While having subtle colors in the living room is a good idea and also popularly accepted, the human mind looks for newness, and well, subtle starts to get boring after a while. What does one do then?

A living room set-up isn’t one that you can change often. But there are a few quick fixes to switch the décor of your living room from understated to downright stunning. Wanna know how? Scroll on and prepare to get inspired!

1. An Accent Chair That Stands Out

There are many ways to add colors to a living space. And adding colorful accessories is the least expensive and most effective one. But if you want to do something unusual and are willing to go a step further and add a rather lasting colorful accent, an accent chair is your answer. When you go shopping for one, make sure to look for one that is in your favorite color and style since you’ll be living with it for a long while.
Place your accent chair where it gets noticed and watch it jazz up the whole space in an instant.

2. A Quirky Table Lamp

Give your rather stern-looking living room an interesting personality by adding a quirky and colorful lamp to it. The quirkier the better!

3. Brightly Colored Cushions

This is the oldest (and easiest) trick in the book. Just throw in a lot of vibrant cushions on your couch to cheer the entire space up. And what’s more, you can switch the colors of the cushion covers with every changing season and even during festivities.

4. An Eye-catching Rug

Last but certainly not least, dress up that plain-Jane floor of yours in a nice bright color that reflects upwards and you are now all set to take those pics for your Instagram post!

Happy decorating, folks!