Not Just TV Units: 13 Entertainment Unit Ideas That Do Way More Than Just House The TV!

Last updated on April 4th, 2022

The entertainment or TV unit layout draws maximum focus in any living room setup since it is the central focus around which everything is arranged. Your choice of entertainment unit will depend on what exactly you want to do with it. Do you want to simply mount a TV, or do you want a back paneling or additional storage?

No matter what your requirements are, we have a design for you! Let’s take a look at the options, shall we?

1. A Metal Entertainment Unit

Metal is a prominent feature in contemporary design. Use spotless, gleaming chrome or painted steel for the entertainment unit, door handles and trims. Keep your accessories to a bare minimum.

2. A Bedroom TV Unit

Since space in a bedroom can be limited, a simple and understated TV stand might be a good choice over an entire wall of shelving. An entertainment wall that combines wardrobe and dresser storage can also be the way to go!

3. A Floating Entertainment Center

A floating entertainment center is a stylish and contemporary way to display your flat-screen television. Floating shelves typically constitute cabinets or shelves centered around the TV.

4. A Wooden Entertainment Center

You don’t have to limit yourself to a large cabinet or armoire if you use wood for your home entertainment center. You can cover the wall behind your TV with wood and place a shelf above it. Place a wide, low TV stand with some basic decor underneath the screen. Using the same color and type of wood for all three components creates a sense of cohesion.

5. A Built-in Entertainment Unit

An entertainment center that runs the length of one wall is known as a wall unit. These are similar to built-in entertainment center ideas. A TV wall, however, can be made up of various elements that come together to form a single focal point.

6. A Wall-Mounted TV Unit

A white and brown wall-mounted TV unit brightens up any space. Lighter wood tones help create a well-lit atmosphere.

7. A TV Unit With Modern Legs!

Not floating and not touching the base – what else? A unit with modern legs gives a refreshing and contemporary vibe.

8. A Multi-storage TV Unit

This room’s star is a fully functional TV unit with plenty of storage and display space.

9. A Workstation-cum-TV Unit

Why not work with fun? Your work-turned-entertainment room can include a television. The whole combined unit is an example of work and play!

10. A Backlit TV Unit

Adding light adds glamour to your entertainment unit. With all other lights off, it gives a theatre-like experience.

11. A TV Unit With Back-paneling

A TV unit with paneling behind it running from floor to ceiling can look amazing in the living area. Give it a try!

12. A TV Unit In An Open Kitchen

For those who love to cook and watch TV, this is the perfect type. Cook up a storm in the kitchen without missing your favorite TV show!

13. A TV Unit Against A Partition

You can even create an entertainment unit against a partition. Like this!

Hope you enjoyed reading these ideas as much as we did, curating them for you. Do visit us at for more ideas to make your home, one that you love.

Happy decorating folks!