6 Creative Ways to Disguise Your TV

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

Much as it forms an integral part of a household providing us non-stop entertainment, a television doesn’t add much value to the aesthetics of a living room. But there are many ways to hide or disguise this much loved black box so that it doesn’t interfere with the décor of your living room.

Let’s look at a few of them and decide which one suits your home the most!

1. Invest In A Big Media Unit

The idea behind getting a dramatic wall unit to house the TV in isn’t to hide the TV, but to get something else big to draw people’s attention to.

Remember to choose a unit that blends in with the other furniture in the room.

2. Have It Framed

Change the way your flat screen looks by getting an ornate custom frame fixed around it and having it blend in with the rest of the décor.

3. Place It In A Wardrobe


If Your TV is going to be in your bedroom, a great way to keep it out of sight when it’s not in use is to make space for it in your wardrobe.

You may lose precious cupboard space, but that’s a small price to pay if you don’t want the black box in your face all the time.

4. Make The Background Black

If you want to draw attention away from the TV, try painting the wall behind it in a dark color or get a dark wallpaper for the wall. This would make the TV less of a contrast.

5. Buy A Projector


Another creative, but slightly expensive way to not have the TV visible at all times is to invest in a projector and install a motorized projector screen that doesn’t have to be on display when it’s not in use.

And with the way things have been of late, having a space like this right at home to enjoy movies in, with family, sounds like quite a dream, doesn’t it?

6. Get A TV Cabinet To Hide It In

Another way to make sure your TV doesn’t stand out from the overall décor is to stow it way inside a TV cabinet and keep the shutters closed when it’s not in use. If you decide to hide it this way, you will need to have the necessary electrical arrangements in place behind the cabinet to keep the wires hidden.

Happy decorating, folks!