TV Units Ideas For That Perfect Home Theatre Experience

Last updated on May 24th, 2022

Your TV is a technological marvel. It weaves tales of love, deceit, and adventure in your living room every day, opening up a world of fascinating mystery. Where would we be without this loveable idiot box?

A beautiful TV unit is essential to get the best out of your TV viewing experience. Umpteen TV cabinets are available at furniture stores. We have some radical TV unit ideas for that perfect home theatre experience to explore to take it up a notch. Let’s check them out.

Idea 1 – Low cabinets for understated elegance

Wall-mounted TV screens have been in trend for a while now, allowing you to play down the TV cabinet element, leaving it sleek and minimalist for impact.

You can go for a low, no-nonsense strip of cabinetry below your TV or opt for a cabinet with slanting legs reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. You can amp the look with add-ons such as divider screens or easy chairs.

Idea 2 – Quirky cabinets with paneled backsplash

TV cabinets with quirky twists such as boxed shelving or asymmetrical structures in stark black wood may be what you need.

To give your look a softer touch, you can opt for a light wood cabinet on a pastel green or grey paneling backdrop. Deliciously elegant!

Idea 3 – Frame your TV with a laminate wall unit

Wall units have always been the element of choice where TV sets are concerned. However, these laminate wonders have more than their share of oomph!

You can go for the starkness of black with a hint of gold for your cabinet. A backdrop of grained natural stone takes this TV unit design for a home theatre to a whole new level.

White laminate with light wooden shelves and verticals is also a great option. Or, how about a sleek white stretch of cabinetry on a backdrop of grey marble? Wow!

Idea 4 – Do it with texture

Your home theatre TV unit need not be a standalone structure. You can embellish this wooden wonder with a textured backdrop, almost part of this elegant piece.

You can opt for the minimalist look with a low cabinet and play with two types of paneling. Or you can go to town with grey stone to make your gorgeous white cabinet stand out.

Idea 5 – Virginal white TV unit with black accents

The charm of a white TV unit is unbeatable. You can go for a white laminate unit or get it painted in a glossy finish; the choice is yours.

The effect is magical when these gorgeous TV units are paired with the black of your TV screen, accessories, or a black backdrop. Maybe this is the theatre experience you are looking for?

Idea 6 – Quirky TV unit ideas

Your TV unit need not be on your focal wall. You can just as easily make it a part of your room divider for a quirky twist to your decor. It’s ideal for your bedroom, but it can work just as well in a living room.

Or, how about a staid, corner unit with an antique vibe for your TV? Paired with a Persian rug and some bulky sofas, this will elevate your decor. If an antique TV unit isn’t your cup of TV, use your end table as a TV unit and make a style statement.

Idea 7 – Think small

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a huge impact. An open shelving unit is an ideal cabinet for your bedroom. A table with slanted legs works just as well, especially in a small living room, where a huge unit can crowd the space.

A console is worth considering too. Include plants and a fascinating chair to add interest. It’s sublime!

Final words

TV units need not be functional cabinets to hold your TV. They can be a lot more. You get a home theatre experience, and your room looks great too!

Happy decorating, everyone!