Recreate The Splendor Of Arabian Décor In Your Home

Last updated on November 24th, 2021

Charismatic, opulent, and luxurious – yes, we’re talking about the Arabian decor! A style of décor that hardly any other style can stand to compete with when it comes to its ability to transform a boring and dull space into a plush, and vibrant one. And if this style of décor, with its rich layers of varied colors and textures weaving mystery and magic has always held a special place in your heart, you’re in for a treat! ‘Coz we’re going to show you how to bring in some of that mystery and allure into your décor.

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies, and gentlemen, as we take you to the land of resplendent colors and magical carpets allowing you to take back some of its magic home!

1. Plenty Of Rich, Warm Colors

Arabian decor calls for warm and vibrant colors like red, orange, and understated tones of yellow. You can use these colors for bed linen, furniture, and also for your walls and carpets.

2. Intricately Embroidered Accessories

Embroidered carpets tapestries are an excellent way to infuse Arabian warmth into your contemporary set-up.

3. Elaborate Light Fixtures

The quickest and easiest way to lend an Arabian style to any space is with elaborate and stunning lights. Think of replacing your contemporary one with a chandelier in golden tones with plenty of visual detailing and curves.

4. The Midas Touch

Think of sprinkling gold here and there, in subtle and understated ways.

5. Vintage Art

Invest in Vintage furniture and accessories to give your interiors a rich and opulent Arabian appeal.

6. Archways

Add a few carved archways to your doors and windows (they can be faked) to embrace true Arabian décor in all its splendor.

7. Living It Large

Arabian decor is all about living large! Think of large paintings, ornately carved mirrors, and heavy window treatment to bring in the Arabian touch!

8. Jali Framework

Jali framework is an essential Arabic element to add to your decor! It is a great way to divide a space and add that mysterious Arabian vibe.

9. Mosaic Tiles

Think of using mosaic tiles in your bathroom to make it look no less alluring than a luxurious Arabian bathroom.