Bolder. Braver. Better —Living Room Decor Trends

Last updated on April 7th, 2022

From entertaining guests, hanging out with friends to relaxing with family – it is safe to say that the living room resides in the heart of the home. Hence, living room decor plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the rest of the home.

Living Room Decor Trends
Every year, the design bigwigs come up with the latest decor trends that will rule the upcoming days. And, what better way to honor the living room than upgrading the decor into something new and trendy? Though 2017 was all about rose-gold tint, industrial decor elements, mixed patterns; it is safe to say that you can happily take them off the shelf. Cause, 2018 is going to be bolder, braver, and better! From using mood colors like violet and emerald green to using plush upholstery like a velvet sofa and statement carpets – 2018’s decor trends will only add panache and personality to your living room.

Paint Colors To Use

Although white is a timeless color and goes with almost all decor types, 2018’s living room decor trend is much bolder and brighter. Set up a moody interior with colors like violet, emerald green, and royal blue. With neutral shades stepping out of the race, bolder colors are coming into the field. However, don’t have the misconception that bolder and darker colors make the room smaller – not if you know how to use them. So, in case you are not sure how the color would work out, you can always go for a safe option – accent a wall with a bold color.

Velvet is Trending

Living Room Decor Trends

Just like the fashion world, the decor industry has also fallen in love with velvet. The luxe fabric has been synonymous with plush and panache for a long time, and fusing it into the living room is a great way to embrace the change. Gone are the days when velvet used to be a fragile texture that couldn’t be washed regularly or got stained easily. Today’s new age velvet features low-maintenance properties like being machine-washable, stain and absorption resistant and more. Velvet upholstery, especially sofas, ooze out warmth and flamboyance, making you want to feel the fabric and melt into it. Opt for a bolder color for the living room sofa, say emerald, orange or purple.

Compact Living

Living Room Decor Trend

With the increasing space constraint, more and more homeowners are compelled to live in smaller homes. And, hence the need for compact living comes to their rescue. Additionally, if you are living in a rented space, then you need a layout plan that can be changed and evolved with the need of the hour. Opt for modular and multi-purpose furniture such as sofa cum bed, nesting tables, and expandable dining tables, that can be moved around easily with the changing requirements.

TV Unit Is the ‘In-Thing’

Living Room Decor Trend

Gone are the days when people used to wall-mount their TV. Indeed, wall-mounted TV is a good option for small living rooms, but if you have a big living room, consider keeping them in the TV unit. If you don’t like the concept of a TV unit and feel that it might consume significant space in the living room, go for legged TV units that will make the room appear airy and light.

Deck Up With Indoor Plants

Living Room Decor Trend

With the world getting environment-conscious, more and more homeowners are infusing organic elements into their interiors. One such environment-friendly trend is using plants as a decor element. A large potted plant in the living room is definitely a head turner! However, not to worry, if you don’t have much time to take care of the plants. These days you get a number of low-maintenance plants like succulents, cactus, and hanging foliage that requires water once in a week.

Statement Carpets

Living Room Decor Trend

Forget accent walls ‘coz this year, carpets and rugs are going to take center stage. While you may have plush wooden flooring in the living room, nothing can beat the panache of a heavily worked Kilim. Be it patterns or colors, a carpet will solve all your decor pain points.

Corner Sitting Option

Living Room Decor Trend

Trends may come and go, but the classic corner seating arrangement never seems to go out of style. Additionally, with the increase in open-floor plans, sectional sofas and occasional chairs are the most sought-after options.

Happy embracing what’s new, folks!