The Secret To A Happy Life: 7 Ways To Invite Positive Energy Into Your Home

Last updated on September 30th, 2021

Your home is one place where you invest the greatest amount of your time and energy.  So, for your well-being, it is quite essential that your home be filled with positive energies. It will not only keep your mind at peace, but also your body in the best state of its health.

Here are 7 tried and tested ways to welcome positive energies into your home.

1.  Clear The Entryways

Positive energy enters the house from all the entryways. Hence, keeping the windows and doors of your house open is an excellent way to welcome positive energy in your home.

2. Change Therapy

Routine tires us. And change can sometimes be very uplifting. We can’t wear the same kinds of clothes all the time nor can we be happy eating the same kind of food every day. Then why not apply the same thing to our interiors and play with the colors used? Change the sheets and drapes in your home and see the positive vibes that a difference in colors brings about to the setting. Also alter the way the furniture is arranged to see what sparks joy in your heart.

3. Bad Memories – Be Gone

Bad memories and reminders of life’s misfortunes have a way of pulling us down mentally and emotionally. Hence, getting rid of things that have bad memories associated with them is an excellent way to remove negative energy from your life and move forward.

4. Music To The Ears

Music helps us unwind and plays a crucial role in destressing us from time to time. Our celebrations aren’t the same wither without music. Quiet, relaxing music, especially in the night can help us fall asleep easily and stay asleep for longer. It isn’t a wonder then, that good music is also known to draw positive energies into a space. Use it to your advantage!

5. Healing With Salt

Salt can be a magical element with astounding healing properties. According to Vastu, it helps in cleaning the energies of a space and negates the effect of negative energies. For the most part, sea salt or rock salt are used to draw in positive energies, but even common salt can be used to improve the energies of a space. You can even use salt in the water you use to mop your floors for the same effect.

6.  Stay Connected To Nature

Keeping nature close can bring in positive energy into your home. Let your doors and windows open into your garden or balcony and let the fresh air in. And use plenty of plants in your décor and see the vibes of your home transforming!

7. Good On The Nose, Healing For The Mind

Aromatic incense sticks or essential oils have the capacity to clear negative energies from a space and have astonishing healing properties. They also help in restoring a calm state of mind.