You Can Rock These Wall Colors With Brown Furniture

Last updated on September 5th, 2022

Brown is one of the most underappreciated colors, and it is easy to discard it as dull or boring. More so if you have brown furniture at home. But hey, be it nutty, chocolatey, or earthy, brown is a rich color and can add elegance to your decor.

However, it all depends on what you have going on your walls. For example, the right wall colors can accentuate the richness of these earthy tones, giving your decor an elegant and classy look.

But which wall colors work with this shade? Surprisingly, most colors work with brown. But we would like to share some of our personal favorites with you. Let’s check them out.

Navy blue – personifies class and elegance

The depth of this rich navy tone is the perfect way to accentuate your brown furniture. You don’t need to paint all your walls in this beautiful shade. Instead, pair it with either gray or beige, depending on what colors you have used in your upholstery and flooring.

Plants, patterned cushions, and throw rugs will complete this gorgeous look and ooze charm.

Rust – the perfect color choice

When we think about color combinations, rust and brown coming together is usually last on our list. However, the richness of the rust and brown combination is unbeatable. You can use a shade that leans towards orange, or choose the more chocolatey shade of rust. Frankly, any shade works just as well. To bring out the beauty of these rich tones, try beige accents.

Add-ons? Orange throw cushions, beige wall accents in jute or cane, and dry flower arrangements. Perfecto!

Neutrals – easy to pull off

Neutrals may seem unimaginative, but it’s what you do with them that matters. Beige or off-white walls work wonders with brown furniture. However, your room will need its fair share of accents to bring out this fabulous look.

Embellish the look with quirky chairs, woven basketry, or a rush weave carpet. You can give your wall a ‘patchy’ effect for a bohemian look.

Gray – sleek and stylish

A gray and brown combination is the epitome of classy, and the look is to die for. It is the perfect choice of wall color if you want your house to look elegant and rich.

You can bring out the richness of your furniture by adding a few rust-brown accent pieces to your decor. A white or light gray throw rug will work too and complete the look.

Green – sublime and soothing

The great thing about colors is that there are a variety of tones you can choose from. Emerald green and brown make for a breathtakingly classy combination. Moss green and lighter shades of olive green will also well amazingly with your brown furniture.

Add-ons? Light-colored wood pieces will do wonders for this look. And add a few brass accents to complete this fabulous look.

Red – the combination you need

Red is gorgeous. Red is rich. If played right, your home can become the talk of the neighborhood for its beautiful decor. So, how do you use this gorgeous shade?

Let the richness of this color envelope the accent wall and stand in contrast to your furniture. Opt for beige or off-white shades on your other walls. However, don’t be scared to use a splash of the same red in nooks or other small areas in your home.

Balance the starkness of red with grayish-green features, such as cushions or throw rugs. Don’t hesitate to turn the red look on its head by throwing dull pink or magenta cushions or upholstery into the mix.

Black – to rock your world

Black is mysterious, but it’s bold too. And the best part, it perfectly compliments brown. If you want to make a radical style statement, this shade is right up your alley. Don’t be afraid to let the color rule the roost on the expanse of your accent wall. To tone down the strength of this amazing color, go for wooden or ceramic tile flooring in light shades.

You can also add a black asymmetrical rug to define this bold shade further. Or use brass fittings to bring out this rich color. Find it overwhelming? Throw in a chair with yellow or orange upholstery to add an element of interest to your decor.

Final thoughts

Colors can make or break your design. So, choose wisely to get the right look for your home. Liked these tips? Then start decorating your home today and make your brown furniture stand out. You can also visit HomeBliss to find a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration on how to play with colors.