8 Ways To Decorate With a Brown Sofa

Last updated on February 14th, 2022

When it comes to sofas, people often prefer buying the classic brown couch. Partly because they are practical, and stain-proof (because of their dark color). But what are the things that you can use to team up with a brown couch to make your living room work?

Due to its rich cocoa shade, decorating with a brown couch can seem to be an overwhelming task. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be hard! To help you get the most out of your brown couch, we bring you 8 profound ways to make that sofa work.

1. Lighten up

A dark brown sofa can look like a dark patch if not paired up cleverly. One of the easiest ways to make that brown sofa work is by painting the wall in pale hues. Additionally, reduce the impact of the brown couch by placing light-colored furniture, accessories, and artwork around it. For instance, in the above picture, the potted plants in the room reduce the impact of the brown couch.

2. Keep it bright and fresh

Another ingenious way to decorate with a brown sofa is by turning the surroundings into fresh and crisp white. So, don’t refrain from using lots of white! In the living room above, the white walls and the utter lack of clutter, make the living room appear warm and welcoming.

3. Welcome warm tones

Brown is a neutral tone that works well with other warm shades. Think vibrant colors like yellow and burnt sienna to team up with a brown sofa. In the above picture, for example, the designer has used yellow to reduce the impact of the large brown couch. Additionally, the copious amounts of light filtering in through the sheer curtains makes the room feel lighter and breezier!

4. Get nature-inspired

Another way to decorate with a brown sofa is by pairing it up with a nature-inspired palette. For instance, the living room, shown above looks perfect, thanks to the large indoor plants, the wooden coffee table, and the warm lighting.

5. Add cooling tones

Brown works great with cooler shades like green and blue. In here, the designer has generously used shades of green across a room anchored by a brown sofa. The green makes the room appear light and airy.

6. Give it a color pop

Whoever said decorating with a brown couch is difficult has not seen this living room. The brown couch feels right at home, in this colorful room.

7. Embrace the brown

Who said you need to hide that brown couch! In the above picture, the designer has amplified the impact of the rich cocoa shade of the sofa with a black backdrop whereas, the light-colored floor balances out the room.

8. Work with different shades

While decorating with a brown couch, always remember that you need to work with the color, not against it. Create dramatic contrast by using different shades of brown, teamed with a lighter ceiling and window trims.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips as much as we did, curating them for you.

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