6 Things An Ideal Master Bedroom Needs To Have

Last updated on September 26th, 2022

In your home, your bedroom is your most personal space. And this is the only room in the house that bears the ultimate stamp of your personality.

If you are designing your master bedroom, here are the six essentials that you must include for a beautiful and cozy interior.

1. The Bed (no points for guessing this one)

When it comes to choosing a bed, most of us go for simply designed beds. But even beds can add a stylish touch to your bedroom. You get beds in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and with a variety of headboard designs. Choose a bed based on:

The Size – Do you need a single or double bed? Measure the space of the room and your requirements before deciding on the size of the bed.
Storage-enabled or not? – Think of the number of things you need to store in your bed. And, accordingly, choose between hydraulic or drawer storage. Some beds come with no storage as well. It all depends on whether or not you want the bed to multitask.
Headboard design – A headboard is what adds style to a bed. Headboards give comfortable support to your back when you need to sit up on the bed. They can be upholstered, tufted or bare.
Bed design and color – While choosing a neutral bed in a standard shape and size is a safer bet; you can decide to play with it a little bit, match your bed with the interiors and lift up the mood and feel of your bedroom. Pick round or oval-shaped beds instead of the usual rectangular ones in striking colors. Go ahead, take that risk!

2. Bedside tables

Bedside tables are meant to keep your nighttime essentials (water bottles, books, spectacles, alarm clocks, etc.) handy during the night. Trying to manage without these essential pieces of furniture is a bad idea. And if space is a concern, you can think of wall-mounted bedside tables which will occupy zero floor space.

3. Stylish and Convenient-to-use Wardrobes

The next important thing is the wardrobe. There’s no end to the variety of wardrobes you can choose from.
Size – You get 2-, 3-, 4-door wardrobes based on your storage requirements.
Material – You’ll be spoilt for choice with the wide variety of materials and finishes available.
Mechanics – Choose sliding door wardrobes if you have small space and swing door ones if there is no dearth of space.
Mirrors – Your wardrobe can also act as your dresser with mirrored doors.
Colors – You can go for subtle colors if you like to keep it simple or choose bright, statement colors if you’d like to turn things interesting.

4. Lights

Make sure your bedroom is well lit during the day with natural lighting if possible, and at night with the right lighting that not only accentuates the beauty of the space but is also easy on the eyes, no matter what you happen to be doing in the bedroom. Ideally, you should use a combination of ambient and task lighting. Ambient lights work best to light up the whole space evenly. In addition to those, you can add table lamps, wall sconces, and other task lights to brighten a certain spot, such as the corner of the bed you read in.

5. A Dressing table

Your master bedroom is incomplete without a dressing area for you to get ready in and an ideal dressing area includes a dressing table with a mirror and a seat. Make sure the dressing table has enough storage space to hold all your beauty regime essentials. If you lack space, you can go for a wardrobe with a mirror or a wall-mounted dresser with a compact table for storage.

6. Add-on furniture

You have ticked all the boxes. Everything is in place. Still, have some space left? How about a TV unit or a swing chair or a chic bookshelf? Uplift your bedroom decor with these desirable add-ons if the space permits. This will lend a character to your bedroom, making it more than a place to sleep in. This might also make you more productive and catch up on long-lost hobbies!

We have covered all the things that can make your master bedroom comfortable, impressive, and even creative. There’s no strict planning involved to make it happen. You just need a measuring tape, comfortable and aesthetic furniture, an eye for detail. So, bring out your inner interior decorator and start your master bedroom makeover now!

Happy decorating, folks!