Kitchenette Vs. Kitchen: Unraveling The Culinary Confusion

Last updated on October 20th, 2023

The word kitchenette can dampen your spirits when you are house hunting. And while you mull over the conundrum, it’s better to examine the difference between a kitchenette and a kitchen, so that you can make an informed decision before taking the plunge..

So, what is a kitchenette and is it practical in an Indian home? A deep dive into the world of kitchenettes will clear your confusion. Let’s go!

The kitchen vs kitchenette conundrum

Kitchenettes offer less cabinet and counter space than a standard kitchen. Also, you may not be able to fit as many appliances in your small space. A mini fridge, a toaster, and a microwave are the staples apart from the sink.

A kitchen has room for essentials such as a microwave, a fridge, a dishwasher, and an oven. It has lots of counter space and maybe even an island. There is freedom of movement, which can’t be said in a kitchenette.

A kitchenette is often used as a substitute in areas such as the basement, the outhouse, or the bar area to whip up snacks.

Is cooking in a kitchenette possible?

There is no reason why you can’t have a fully functional kitchenette. To cook a meal, all you need is a stove and a sink. If space allows, it’s easy to include a blender and a microwave in your kitchenette. The counter space should be enough to do your prep work. However, elaborate meals may be challenging.

The size of a kitchenette may vary. In urban areas, you will find kitchens that straddle the fine line that divides kitchens from kitchenettes. If the space is too small, a trolley is a good investment. It can house your electric appliances and you can wheel it into your kitchenette when needed.

Cooking in your kitchenette isn’t difficult and may even feel like an adventure. It’s easy to whip up dishes such as sautéed veggies, pasta, or even rice dishes. As there are space constraints, making a full meal consisting of dal, rice, veggies, and roti can be challenging as there isn’t room for washing and drying the dishes. Not that it can’t be done, if you push yourself enough.

What’s the plus side of a place with a kitchenette?

If you are constantly on the move or working a 9 to 5 job, a kitchenette will suffice as most meals will be sourced from eateries. What’s more, you will probably pay less rent for a place with a kitchenette. Certain strata of society such as college students or the elderly may find kitchenettes beneficial as they are easy to maintain and not used that often. Let’s check out some more benefits:

  • It is a functional space and provides the basics for a small meal

  • A kitchenette is budget-friendly and easy to install

  • Kitchenettes are ideal for second homes and tiny spaces

  • If cooking isn’t your thing, a kitchenette is perfect for you

  • You get more space to play around with in your home

  • It is small, so your workload is cut in half, a definite plus

  • If you are into minimalism, this is right up your alley

Living with a kitchenette

To make life in a kitchenette easier, follow these helpful tips:

  • Open-plan kitchenettes allow you the freedom to use the space outside for extra storage

  • Incorporate a storage area under your island/dining area for your appliances

  • Avoid a dirty dish pile up and encourage family members to help wash on the go

  • A trolley island stationed in your living room is a great solution. You can wheel it in when you are cooking. Just make sure it’s appealing so you don’t ruin your living room look

  • Go vertical with storage to get the maximum out of your space

Our thoughts

Small spaces are always challenging to design. But that is what makes it fun. Each innovation will bring joy and a sense of achievement, something that isn’t possible in a pristine designer kitchen where there are no challenges. For our thoughts on kitchens and décor, log in to