Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You’ll Want To Bookmark

Last updated on July 5th, 2022

A glam kitchen is the ultimate goal when you’re revamping your home. While choosing the right cabinets and floor tiles is necessary, your choice of backsplash is the game-changer. It can either make your kitchen look captivating or be a deal-breaker in terms of the aesthetic.

So, if you’re looking forward to upgrading your kitchen, you’ve landed at the right place. The backsplash helps protect your walls from getting stained by splashes from yummy curries and oil and prevents dirty water from accumulating in the back of your cooking counter. These are the main reasons you need a good-looking and excellent quality material for the backsplash. To aid you on your quest for the right backsplash type that sets the tone of your kitchen, here are 5 of the most trending design ideas.

Wonderful Wallpapers

Do you think wallpapers are expensive? Absolutely not! If you’re bored to death by tiles and are looking for some inspiration for your kitchen, there is nothing better than using statement-making wallpapers to guard your walls against any messes in the kitchen. However, don’t be worried about the durability of these wallpapers: the waterproof variants are easy to clean and can keep your kitchen looking new forever.

Tranquil Tiles

There is nothing better and evergreen other than tiles. They are available in a multitude of patterns, which are a delight for the eyes. Some people find cooking in the kitchen therapeutic. Having tiles in a soothing pattern – like ocean-blue Moroccan tiles or those in earthy tones – can enhance this feeling and provide a sense of serenity and peace.

You can have several patterns with tiles – mosaic, brick, Moroccan design, and many more! Moroccan patterns are a crowd favourite and go along well with all kinds of kitchen decor. Adding these patterns to your kitchen backsplash gives it an eclectic look that invites attention. Just remember to use brighter colours since dark-coloured tiles tend to make your cooking space darker. You can also look for fish-scale patterns to give your kitchen a mermaid-y look!

Mosaic tiles look great on the kitchen backsplash as the interesting patterns break the monotony. You can choose from various patterns and colours – blue and green hues, earthy tones of browns and greys, a mix of whites with aqua, and many more colour combinations. Of course, choosing glossy pieces with a pastel base would go well. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a heart dances when the ambience looks outstanding!

Marvellous Marble

If you fancy a royal-looking kitchen, marble is, hands down, the best option to go for your kitchen backsplash. The naturally occurring, beautiful patterns and palliative colours are a delight to look at. Go for classic whites to make your kitchen look expansive. You can combine marble with a beige or grey base with a white cooking counter to glam up your kitchen. Simply adding a marble backsplash to your kitchen will make it look exquisite and luxurious!

Graceful Geometry

If there’s a part of you that craves uniformity and organization in every corner of your home, there’s nothing better than geometric patterns. The best thing about choosing geometric patterns is that you can go for tiles, marble, terracotta, or any other available material. A mix-and-match design of two geometrical designs would also look good on the backsplash. These simple yet elegant patterns are evergreen and do not need ardent maintenance. Chevron, brick, penny, and cube patterns are the most sought-after designs for kitchen backsplashes.

Steal the Show

Create a statement by breaking the rules and going the unusual way. If you are done and dusted with tiles and marble, why not opt for a wooden backsplash or extend your countertop as a modular kitchen backsplash to save your walls from the mess?

Yes, you heard us. These are unconventional ways to add an edge to your kitchen’s overall look. Pick a waterproof wooden block or use a countertop material with the same or contrasting colour as your backsplash.


While it is difficult to stop experimenting with the other aspects of the kitchen decor, you must think about the backsplash – an uber-functional element in your kitchen that shields the walls from getting ruined and lends character to your cooking space. Visit Homebliss for more hacks to save your day, such as four ways to eradicate the yellow turmeric stains from your kitchen, and other tips to elevate your home decor.