9 Crazy-Good Repurposed Organizing Hacks For Your Home

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Most of us are unaware of the fact that most household tools and items can serve more than just their primary purpose.

Let’s discover 9 of them that are amazing organizing hacks, in this quick read. Shall we?

1. Organize Your Hair-Styling Tools

No more worrying about storing your hot hair-styling tools. Just stick them into a decorative magazine holder that is as chic as it is convenient to use.

2. Keep Jewelry Safe During Travel

The tiny compartments of a pill organizer are just right to store your tiny jewelry pieces when you’re traveling. Wondering why you never thought of this great idea?

3. Don’t Throw Away That Old Drawer

Got a chest of drawers that’s past its prime? Before you think of giving it away, consider repurposing the drawers as under-the-bed storage bins. Way better than plastic boxes and zippered storage bags, any day. Won’t you say?

4. Not Just A Shoe Organizer

A see-through back-of-the-door shoe organizer, easily available online, is a great way of keeping your art-and-craft supplies organized. And you’ll never find yourself hunting for your stuff again.

5. Pot-Lids? How About Purses!

Keep your wallets and clutches organized and tidy in a pot-lid holder. Make repurposing your mantra!

6. Hang Your File Boxes

Store your shopping bags in file holders drilled into a wall. Tidy to look at and easy to grab on your way out!

7. Keep Your Tapes And Ribbons Sorted

Get creative and keep all your ribbons and washi-tapes sorted and tangle-free.

8. A Hanging Bath-Toy Organizer

Tired of your toddler’s bath toys getting in the way, every time you decide to take a shower? Here’s a hack meant just for those times. Hang a fruit basket on your shower-curtain rod and stick all your kid’s bath-time toys inside it. The toys will stay well out of your way and will even have a chance to drip-dry as they rest inside the basket.

9. Wine Rack? Or Towel Holder!

Did you know that your wine bottles are the same size as a rolled-up hand towel? How about using a wine rack in your bathroom and displaying your towels in style then?

Happy organizing, folks!