5 Chic Uses Of A Ladder That Don’t Involve Climbing

Last updated on January 5th, 2022

What do you use ladders in your home for? To reach the hard-to-reach shelves? Or to clean the ceiling fans on occasion? Well, we are about to suggest some amazingly clever uses for your ladders, that don’t just make a lot of functional sense, but will also help add a whimsical charm to your décor!

Read on and you’ll never look at your ladders the same way again!

1. Keep Blankets Handy

Courtesy: bestproducts

Blankets and throws are a necessity in winters to keep yourself warm and cozy in your living room or the bedroom. But they can make your space appear quite messy. Here’s a way to tame that mess and use your ladder to not just organize, but also as an unexpected décor element. Just fold your blankets neatly and hang them off a ladder, leaning against one of the walls. You can even add this special touch to your guest bedroom and have your guests feeling grateful for your thoughtfulness.

2. Throw In That Towel In Style

Courtesy: DUYnetwork 

Here’s an easy one. Paint your old ladder to match the color of your bathroom (or leave it bare) and just lean it against one of the empty walls. Hang your folded towels off them for a tidy, attractive, and organized look, without having spent a dime or much floor space!

3. Get Quirky With Your Potted Plants

Courtesy: donpedrobrookly 

Try this simple and quirky idea to display your plants in style! Transfer a few of your plants into pots with hooks on them. Lean your old ladder against a wall for support and hang one pot off each rung of the ladder. The wood of the ladder will make for an interesting background for your vivid green plants and create an interesting display in your tiny garden. You can even choose to paint the ladder to spice things up a little. View

4. DIY A Bedside Table

Courtesy: marthastewart

If you have a short ladder with flat and wide enough rungs to keep things on, dust it, give it a coat of paint or varnish (unless you’re going for a rustic look), and place it near your bed. Use the lower rungs of your ladder to display a few books, a small plant, and keep the upper rungs free to keep your bedtime essentials. And you have yourself a creative and off-beat bedside table at no extra cost! Now, is that great or what?

5. Let Your Scarves Live In Style

Courtesy: ripricepoint.org

Scarves, although beautiful wardrobe essentials, can be unbelievably cluttering. Well, it’s time to get rid of all that clutter. No, we aren’t asking you to throw them away. Hang them on an old wooden ladder (look at the image above) where they can breathe freely and you won’t end up messing your whole drawer every time you’re trying to hunt for one that matches your outfit. And all those scarves that remain buried under all your other clothes and end up unused, can finally see the light of day.

Happy decorating, peeps!