First Impressions Matter: 5 Things Guests Always Spot In An Untidy Home

Last updated on August 14th, 2023

First impressions matter, whether in the way we dress or the way our home looks when we have company. Whipping up interesting hors d’oeuvres and setting the table are hard enough. When you throw house cleaning into the mix, you are ready to throw in the towel.

Hey, hold your horses. No need to crack your knuckles in despair. You can easily make a good impression by addressing the essentials. So, what are the five most important things that make your house look untidy? And how do you get the job done? Let’s find out.

Number One: Tackle the Messy Junctions

Each home has a few places where mess congregates. These are the places where your unwashed skirt mingles with your partner’s jeans for a gossip session. When your kid’s dirty T-shirts and socks join in, two garments become an unsightly pile of dirty laundry.

The same goes for your kitchen counter, where the jam jars hobnob with the butter and the bread crumbs. It’s easy to put it on the back burner on normal days, but you don’t want your guests to see flies buzzing on the jam jar. So, how do you tackle it?

We suggest:

  • Toss the dirty laundry in your washing machine or laundry basket.

  • Put the washed laundry in the wardrobe. If it needs folding and ironing, shove it in a hamper to tackle the next day.

  • Clean the kitchen counter space and put away things that you don’t need in the fridge.

  • Store your vitamins and medicine foils in the medicine cabinet.

Number Two: The Bathroom

Bathrooms come at the top of the list where first impressions are concerned. A dirty and stained commode can be mortifying, to say the least. Splashes of water on your bathroom sink don’t help improve the ambiance either. So, how do you tackle it?

We suggest:

  • Give your bathroom a deep clean a couple of days before you are expecting friends.

  • Wash the commode on the day you are expecting guests.

  • Wipe the toilet seat, the wash basin, and the counter.

  • Put the dirty laundry in the hamper.

  • Lay out fresh hand towels.

  • Light a scented candle or spray the room with an air freshener.

Number Three: Dusting and Cleaning

Giving the whole house a thorough cleaning isn’t practical, nor is it possible when there are so many other chores to deal with. So focus on the areas that matter. So, how do you tackle it?

We suggest:

  • Wipe clean the surfaces in your living room.

  • Plump the cushions and arrange them neatly on the sofas.

  • Focus on areas visible to guests and leave the rest.

Number Four: The Dinner Prep Clutter

Vegetable peels, dip containers, and spills are just the beginning. Midway through the process, the overwhelming clutter on the countertop can all but leave you gasping for air. So, how do you tackle it?

We suggest:

  • Dispose of empty packets and peels.

  • Arrange the hors d’eourves on the serving plate and put them aside.

  • Put away the appliances and wipe the counter clean.

  • Mop the floor for any spillage.

  • Neatly pile dirty dishes in the sink to wash later.

Number Five: The Entrance

The entrance, exterior, and interior need a go-over before your guests arrive. It’s best to do the clean-up a day before the event so that you can focus on the meal prep and other essentials peacefully. So, how do you tackle it?

We suggest:

  • Dust off any cobwebs, if any, and mop the entrance area.

  • Add interesting plants, such as the Acraea Palm or the rubber plant, outside your main door.

  • A shoe rack in your foyer is ideal so that there is no footwear pile-up.

  • A few plants and a scented candle on the console will give off a welcoming vibe.

Our Thoughts

Entertaining can be a lot of fun. But it’s hard work, too, especially when you want things to be just right. Once you have a system in place, it is not that hard to create a warm and inviting glow in your home. understands the difficulties of juggling a nine-to-five job and household chores. That is why we have oodles of cleaning hacks and home décor tips on our website. Log in today.