Candle Chronicles: 5 Blunders We All Commit When Chasing That Flickering Ambience

Last updated on September 12th, 2023

Candles personify style and sophistication in today’s world. It was a different matter in olden times though. History tells us candles were in use in Ancient Egypt, India, Rome, and Europe in the middle ages to illuminate spaces. Today we have the luxury of electricity, but fall back on candles when we want to add a sensual mood to our homes.

While lighting a candle seems like a simple matter, it will astound you to learn that it isn’t as simple as that. There are rules here too. Curious? Continue reading to know more.

1. It’s in the wick

Surprisingly, the wick of your candle plays a vital role in how your candle will burn. When the wick is too tall, the flame shoots up and you may end up with soot or burn marks on your candle stand. True, soy candles don’t produce soot. But exposing your glass to the high flame may cause it to crack. The result? A mess of broken glass and melted wax; a nightmare to clean up. Your options?

We suggest:

  • A wick trimmer or scissors to trim the wick. Aim for a ¼ inch in length.

  • Nail clippers are another option if scissors don’t work.

2. Keep it away from drafts

Dancing flames are mesmerizing and poetic. However, this is an indication that there is a draft in the room, be it from the air conditioner or the open window. A steady flame is essential for even light distribution of light. It also wards off smoking or tunneling in the candle, which leads to waste. A steady flame ensures the candle lasts longer and enhances the fragrance. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Use a lantern to house your candle for ambiance as well as longevity. This allows you to use the candles outdoors or on the window sills.

  • You will find many interesting candle holders in the market that can amp up the look of your candle while protecting the flame.

3. Chill your candle before use

A great way to add life to your candle is by chilling it in the freezer before use. Your options?

We suggest:

Wrap your candle in aluminum foil and chill it for around an hour before you use it.

4. Avoid burning it for too long

Candles add decedent charm to the decor. Apart from the gorgeous look, the heady scent of the candles could be relaxing. In these circumstances, it’s tempting to let the candles burn. However, this is not a great idea as you may burn the surface under the candle. Your options?

We suggest:

Place the candle on a heat-resistance surface to avoid damage. And hey, if your candle contains chemicals, it is best to put out the flame sooner than later.

5. Resist the temptation to move your candle around

We are all guilty of moving around with a lit candle, especially when there is a power outage. Also, when the candle has been used a few times, the chances of the jar heating increase as the wax is low. This could be hazardous as you may drop the hot jar. Under the circumstances, it makes sense to leave the candle where it is, once you have lit it.

Also, the spillage of hot wax can cause burns or mess up the house. Removing wax droplets from the floor is a laborious task by any measure. Your options?

We suggest:

Once you have lit the candle, leave it there till the time you blow it out to avoid spillage and fire hazards.

Our thoughts

Candles are irresistible as they add sensual appeal on special occasions. Once you take these tips into account, you should have no problem enjoying a special moment with your partner or your friends. For interesting hacks on lighting, you may want to check out our website for more ideas. Log in to for answers on home decor and design trends.