Not Sure How To Store Reusable Shopping Bags? Read On!

Last updated on July 28th, 2023

Reusable shopping bags are a bane. They tumult out of the closet the minute you reach out for one. You are left with no choice but to stuff them back in as you are in a hurry to run errands.

You can ignore this bludgeoning pile of bags and go about your business until next time, or you can put this monster on a lease and let it know who is the boss. After all, you are not going to let a pile of shopping bags breed in your limited storage space!

So, what’s one to do? We have some interesting solutions for you to try. Read on to find out more.

Fold and store

Plastic bags are frowned upon. But we still have some squirreled away at the back of the drawer. So, how do you handle your guilty secret? For one, you can stop using them and opt for reusable shopping bags. If that seems like a stretch, the next best thing is to fold them neatly into little bundles and store them either in a basket or a drawer for future needs. Rubberbands are a great way to keep this wayward menace in place.

How to fold them:

  • Fold your bag lengthwise.

  • Roll it up neatly and tuck in the edges.

There are many elaborate ways to do this, but when we barely have time to fold our garments, plastic bags don’t have a chance!

A bag for grocery bags

How about a bag to store your grocery bags? Funny, right? And hey, control your urge to buy a classy bag to store your bags in. You already have enough and don’t want to add to the pile. There are chances you have a collection of colorful shopping bags in your drawer. With businesses going green, paper bags are in vogue. However, these little gems are not easy to store and take up a lot of space. So, what are your options? Let’s take a look:

  • Segregate the bags as per size.

  • Fold them neatly into piles.

  • Select the bag you want to store them in.

  • Slide them neatly into the bag.

  • Hang this bag behind your door.

If you are struggling to fit them into one bag, you need to get rid of some, no matter how gorgeous they are.

A basket in the dickey for your bags

A shopping bag is the last thing on our minds when we dash out of the house. The result? An increasing pile of shopping bags at home. To tackle this problem, we suggest a basket or a hamper for your dicky to store shopping bags in. This ensures you don’t hoard plastic or reusable bags every time you are out and also cuts down on the clutter of shopping bags in your closet. A win-win situation!

Where to store your shopping bags

Now that we have dealt with the hows, it’s time to address the wheres. The foyer cabinet or console is a good place to start. If you are lucky to have a console with drawers, this will be ideal. If you don’t have one, a good-sized hamper will do the needful. This way, it’s easy to get your hands on a bag before you rush out of the house.

If you are storing your bags in a bag, you can hang them behind your bedroom door for easy access. A hamper in the laundry room or bathroom will work too.

More tips on controlling the shopping bag menace

  • When you feel you have a sizeable stock of shopping bags, give away a few bags to your staff. They will appreciate the gesture.

  • Always carry a bag with you to avoid adding to your collection. It’s about the three Rs. Reuse, recycle, and reduce. The emphasis is on reducing. Just because it’s eco-friendly doesn’t mean you aren’t harming the planet. It takes energy and material to make each bag.

Our thoughts

Making a conscious effort to reuse and store your shopping bags is vital not only for your storage issues but also for the planet too. And while it may be just a bag, these bags can create quite a pile over time. And this is just in your home. We at take the environment seriously and promote eco-friendly interiors in our policy. For tips on going green, you can check out our website.