How About Turning Your Balcony Into Your Very Own Outdoor Oasis?

Last updated on September 8th, 2022

Balconies, no matter how small, can be a boon. Not everyone can enjoy the feel of the outdoors in their high-rise apartments, as many new constructions lack this facility. You can do a lot for the décor of this small ‘outdoor’ area with a bit of imagination and some creativity.

So, rather than let your laundry take over this precious space, why not use these fantastic balcony décor ideas to add an exciting element to your home? Let’s check out some radical takes on turning your balcony into an outdoor oasis.

Take charge of your space with chairs

Chairs are a great addition to any balcony as they allow you to sit back and enjoy the breeze. It all depends on the area you have at hand. You can opt for a single chair if there is a space crunch. A small round occasional table will fit the bill for your coffee cups and books. To add exciting elements, opt for an area rug or some throw cushions in bright colors to complete your décor.

You may want your privacy

Having your neighbors peeking into your balcony isn’t an ideal scenario. To give your space an element of privacy, you can go for a trellis or plants to give you privacy. Wooden paneling works too and gives your space an elegant feel.

If all else fails, hang some plants at different levels to obstruct the view. It’s cheap and looks great too.

Outdoor dining can be an exciting option

It need not be anything dramatic. A staid table for four hugging your balcony wall is all you need for romantic stay-at-home evenings or when you have friends over. Maybe a rustic look with wooden flooring? A rockery on the side would complete this amazing look.

Don’t forget the lighting

Fairy lights are magical. No matter how you use them, they elevate the look in minutes. However, it’s surreal when you use them on your balcony, especially when you add plants to the mix. Pendant lighting or wall scones work just as well. Lanterns are an exciting option, too, to give your décor Eastern charm.

Opt for weather-friendly furniture

Metal and wickerwork are ideal as they can withstand rain and shine. These sturdy materials look great and can weather rough use too. Plastic chairs are an interesting option, and with the range of beautiful designs available, you won’t miss your wooden chairs.

Add a bench to your setting

A bench hugging the wall is a great addition for small balcony spaces. You can use wood paneling or stonework as a backdrop. A box bench serves as seating as well as storage space. A few cushions and a throw rug will complete this fabulous space. Why not add potted plants and some pebbles in the corner to add to this stunning décor?

Go the jhoola way

A hanging cane chair is a no-mess, no-fuss way of getting the best out of your space. A wooden jhoola painted in the color of your choice is an excellent way to elevate the look of your balcony. This utterly gorgeous jhoola is ideal for hanging out on Sunday mornings with your cup of tea and a newspaper.

Don’t forget the awning

We like the rain. But rain can wreak havoc on your balcony furniture. And you don’t want to miss out on the fun of sitting on the balcony as the rains lash the city. That’s where awnings become a necessity. And if space doesn’t permit, a cane roller blind will keep the rain out.

Final thoughts

Space is precious and every inch matters. Decorating your balcony will give you space to hang out and improve the look of your home, as the balcony is an extension of the living area. To get this balance right, you can visit for balcony furbishing ideas and other tips on home décor. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.