18 Quirky Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Concrete

Last updated on April 25th, 2021

When you hear the word Concrete – what comes to your mind? Dull and grey cemented structures? We can’t really blame you there. Because that’s what we are used to seeing and expecting from this unique and fascinating (yes, you’ll agree with us in a while) building material.

But it’s about time we changed that! Get prepared to be awed as we present to you a few unexpected and stunning uses of this wonder-material making spaces utilitarian-chic and innovatively brilliant, at the same time!

Here 18 most innovative concrete decor ideas that will convince you to have newfound respect for the material—and maybe even desire to experiment with it, in your own home.

1. Concrete Flooring – beauty that’ll stand the test of time.


2. Concrete Feature Walls – understated elegance with a touch of class.

3. Concrete countertop & sink in your kitchen – why limit it to just wood and steel?

4. A Concrete Built-in Sofa – a conversation starter for your guests to sit on!

5. A Concrete Kitchen Island – minimalist, raw and stunning.

6. Concrete Stairs – add a shocking piece of ruggedness into your interiors.

7. A Concrete Bathroom Sink – fitting perfectly in this seriously classy space!

8. Concrete Master Bathroom – no more boring tiles!

9. Concrete Pendant Lights – let your guests look at them and do a double take!

10. Concrete Bookends – make your book collection rock (no pun intended!)!

11. Concrete Tea-light Holders – Let there be stunning lights!

12. Concrete Hanging Tables –  creativity at its best!

13. Concrete Stools – Goodbye wood!

14. Concrete Planters – a solid idea indeed!

15. A Concrete Dining Table – is this an awesome idea or what?!

16.  A Concrete Pavement – something that never goes out of style!

17. A Concrete Firepit – To create memories that last forever!

18. A Concrete Bathtub – luxury set in stone!